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      CISAC welcomes microbiologist David Relman as co-director

      News / January 30, 2013
      David Relman, a Stanford microbiologist and professor of infectious diseases, has taken up the mantle as CISAC co-director alongside Stanford law professor Tino Cuéllar, both of whom intend to broaden the center’s research in biosecurity and the life sciences.
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      Carnegie awards CISAC $1 million grant for research and training

      News / January 29, 2013
      Carnegie Corporation of New York, the foundation that promotes "real and permanent good," has awarded a $1 million grant to CISAC to fund research and training on international peace and security issues.
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      Interactive cartoon introduces cybersecurity fellows, their work

      News / January 22, 2013
      CISAC is expanding its research into cybersecurity and for the first time has three fellows devoted to Internet freedom, privacy and government controls: Jonathan Mayer, Andrew Woods and Tim Junio.
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