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CISAC Events

At CISAC, seminars and events contribute to a lively and meaningful dialogue on a wide range of scholarly issues. See below to view some of our upcoming events.

Past Events

CISAC has a long tradition of offering events featuring policy and academic experts in both the social sciences and sciences. We host more than 70 events a year, making up a living history of CISAC discussions, conversations and thought-provoking topics and solutions. To view past events, visit our Event Archive.

Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?

Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?

    CISAC Seminar Series
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CISAC Seminar Series

CISAC gives a series platform to renowned academic and policy experts to address some of the world’s most pressing international security issues. Our events are organized by series and theme.

Directors' Seminars

CISAC Seminars showcase Stanford faculty and researchers, as well as policy makers and visiting scholars from all over the country. Speakers typically cover general topics on international security and present the policy implications of their research or their years of experience in government. CISAC Seminars are free and usually open to the public. At speaker’s request, some events may be by invitation only.

Science Seminars

The CISAC Science Seminar Series features speakers who present scientific subjects with international security and policy implications. The topics focus on three main research areas: nuclear energy, biosecurity, and cybersecurity, and involve an in-depth discussion of the scientific dimensions of these subject areas. The purpose is to encourage interchange between the scientific and non-scientific communities at CISAC and within Stanford, to further CISAC’s goals of educating students and the public, as well as conducting scholarly research and influencing policy. Science Seminars are free and open to the public.


Social Science Seminars

The CISAC Social Science Seminar Series features advanced graduate students, faculty and visiting scholars who present their current research on contemporary problems in international security. The presentations are followed by a Q & A session. They are free and open to the public.

International History Seminars

In recent years, historians have been breaking outside their traditional disciplinary boundaries; they are thinking about history - and the world - in different, new ways. Contemporary research in international history is motivated by a growing interest in transnational and global history. But this intellectual focus is not institutionally addressed at Stanford. We are therefore seeking to close this gap by providing graduate students and faculty the opportunity to engage in discussion about these changes and their reflection on the study of international history.

Drell Lecture

The Drell Lecture is an annual public event sponsored by CISAC. By tradition, the Drell lecturer addresses a current and critical national or international security issue that has important scientific or technical dimensions. The Drell Lecture is named for Sidney Drell, CISAC's founding science co-director. Albert and Cicely Wheelon generously endowed the lectureship.

Former Series

CISAC, in joint partnership with other groups on campus, periodically produces speaker series on on timely topics of interest to our community. Archives of those events are posted on our site when possible.

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