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Center for International Security and Cooperation

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President Joe Biden with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

The Illegality of Targeting Civilians by Way of Belligerent Reprisal: Implications for U.S. Nuclear Doctrine

Scott Sagan and Allen Weiner argue that for legal, ethical, and strategic reasons, it is time for the United States to affirmatively recognize the customary international law prohibition on targeting civilians by way of belligerent reprisal.
Russian president Vladimir Putin

A Former Nuclear Negotiator’s Advice for Biden and Putin

What really makes a summit successful, according to the top U.S. architect of the New START treaty.
President Biden and Vladimir Putin

Setting the Biden-Putin summit bar low

Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are meeting in Geneva, at a time when US-Russian relations have hit a post-Cold War nadir. Biden can use the meeting to make clear the kinds of Russian actions that he considers unacceptable while opening cooperative channels on issues where US and Russian interests converge.
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Harold Trinkunas Appointed as Interim Co-Director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation

Trinkunas, whose research examines issues related to foreign policy, governance and security, particularly in Latin America, will lead the center along with FSI Senior Fellow Rodney Ewing.

Ukraine’s Frozen Conflict

Steven Pifer discusses the background to, current status of, and prospects for resolving Russia's conflict against Ukraine. READ MORE



Who We Are

The Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) is Stanford University’s hub for researchers tackling some of the world's most pressing security and international cooperation issues.

Founded 30 years ago, CISAC today is building on its historic strengths to seek solutions to the many longstanding and emerging challenges associated with an increasingly complex world. We are guided by our longstanding belief that a commitment to rigorous scholarship, openness to new ideas, and lively intellectual exchange can spur the creation and spread of knowledge to help build a safer world.

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