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    Learning Opportunities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Predoctoral and postdoctoral students, Visiting Scholars
  • Undergraduate students
  • Online learners
  • Policymakers
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Learning Opportunities

CISAC provide learning opportunities, on and off-campus, to learners at all stages of life.

Predoctoral and postdoctoral students, Visiting Scholars

During their time at CISAC, visiting scholars and pre- and postdoctoral fellows are afforded an unparalleled opportunity to engage in rigorous research, explore complex global security problems, and propose innovative solutions in a collegial and collaborative environment.

Undergraduate students

Students have the opportunity to participate in some of the most innovative courses on campus taught by world-renowned scholars. The CISAC Interschool Honors Program in International Security Studies provides an opportunity for Stanford seniors from all undergraduate schools and majors who have strong academic records and interest in international security to receive Honors in International Security Studies.

Online learners

The free online Security Matters lecture series follows the theme of International Security in a Changing World, CISAC's signature course for over 40 years. In a series of short clips, the series surveys the most pressing security issues facing the world today. Topics include cybersecurity, nuclear proliferation, insurgency and intervention, terrorism, biosecurity, lessons learned from the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis – as well as the future of U.S. leadership in the world.


CISAC brings together great policy and academic minds in the natural and social sciences – with the goal to build a safer world. One example is the Congressional Cyber Boot Camp, which has been held in 2014, 2015 and, most recently in August 2017, and offers high-level panel discussions, networking and class simulations to Capitol Hill legislative staff. The idea is to harness Stanford and Silicon Valley brainpower to help the U.S. Congress create effective cybersecurity policy.



CISAC offers national security media deep dives into and engagement on key policy issues, such as cybersecurity. The Cyber Media Roundtable helps media develop broader networks of experts to better inform the public debate, and encourages candid conversation with industry leaders aimed at improving media coverage of cyber issues. The most recent Cyber Media Roundtable (2016) featured presentations, interactive discussions, and thought-provoking exercises that gave reporters tools and knowledge for cybersecurity news and debates. CISAC's faculty and scholars are available for media interviews, commentary and perspectives. Please direct media inquiries to Clifton B. Parker, 650-725-6488,


Honors College

One of the cornerstones of the CISAC Honors program is the Honors College, a two-week program that takes place in Washington, D.C., and on the Stanford campus in September before the start of the fall quarter of senior year.

Understanding Foreign Policy

Students in the "International Security in a Changing World" class assume the roles of ambassadors, political leaders and spokespeople, as real life policymakers and diplomats assume role-playing duties.
FBI Shield

Lessons from Leading National Security Experts

Hear from former FBI director Robert Mueller as he lays out the FBI perspective on cyberthreats challenging US national security