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Photo of Oriana Skylar Mastro

'Xi Jinping '100 per cent' can be trusted': US warned over Taiwan independence

Commentary / November 16, 2021
China’s President Xi Jinping can “100 per cent” be trusted and warned western nations would be making a “big mistake” if they didn’t take the superpower’s threats to forcefully retake Taiwan...
woman smiling

US Global Ransomware Summit: More Needs to be Done

Commentary / November 15, 2021
The US Justice Department’s arrest of several affiliates of the Russian-speaking REvil ransomware group comes a month after Washington hosted a virtual international summit on ransomware attacks. The...
BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 01: Chinese rocket launchers are seen at a parade to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 , at Tiananmen Square on October 1, 2019 in Beijing, China.

What are hypersonic missiles and why do they matter?

Commentary / November 15, 2021
Following a recent test in China, Cameron Tracy talks to the BBC about a new breed of hypersonic missiles and whether they will make the world a more dangerous place.
Sketches of cats

What a house cat can teach us about cybersecurity

Commentary / November 7, 2021
The nation spends billions of dollars on cybersecurity measures, and yet we seem unable to get ahead of this problem. Why are our computers so hard to protect? An experience with a house cat...

Top climate scientists are sceptical that nations will rein in global warming

News / November 1, 2021
A Nature survey reveals that many authors of the latest IPCC climate-science report--including Paul N. Edwards--are anxious about the future and expect to see catastrophic changes in their lifetimes.
Paul N. Edwards

Building Climate Knowledge Infrastructures

Q&As / November 1, 2021
A Lead Author of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Paul N. Edwards, talks about knowledge infrastructures and geoengineering, as well as policy and visual aspects of the landmark report on climate...
woman smiling

Black Shadow & the Future of Cyberwarfare

Commentary / October 31, 2021
The Jerusalem Press Club speaks to cybersecurity expert Dr. Gil Baram about the impact and significance of the Iranian-affiliated hackers' maneuver against a number of Israeli companies on...
Rocket blasting

China's Hypersonic Weapons Tests Don't Have to be a Sputnick Moment

Commentary / October 29, 2021
China conducted a series of tests with nuclear-capable hypersonic weapons systems that have gotten the attention of officials across the U.S. government. The tests included a hypersonic glide vehicle...
rocket shooting in the air

Missile Defense and the Offense-Defense Relationship

Commentary / October 28, 2021
The U.S.-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue, agreed by presidents Joseph Biden and Vladimir Putin at their June 2021 summit, has begun. It presumably is addressing the range of issues affecting...
Chinese flag flying above orbital carrier rocket

Fear about China’s new space weapon echoes older worries about war from space

Commentary / October 26, 2021
China flight-tested a new breed of space weapon when it launched a massive “Long March” rocket tipped with a nuclear-capable, hypersonic glider. But history tells us why the test isn’t a cause for...
Image of the earth

Does AUKUS Violate the Pledge of a Nuclear-Free South Pacific? China Thinks It Might.

Commentary / October 22, 2021
China is tapping into broader anti-nuclear sentiment in the region to attack Australia’s nuclear submarine deal.
Sign outside building

A Hypothetical Command Vision Statement for a Fictional PLA Cyber Command

Commentary / October 22, 2021
In 2018, U.S. Cyber Command released its Command Vision statement, advancing “defend forward” and “persistent engagement” as new elements in the United States’ approach to advancing its security...
Herb Lin

The nation’s last line of defense is controlled by really, really old technology

Commentary / October 22, 2021
The oldest information system the government operates might also be the most crucial one. No, not the IRS master file system. It’s the technology that controls nuclear weapons. It dates to the 1950s...
man with glasses

China's Race for AI Supremacy.

Commentary / October 20, 2021
Jeffrey Ding is interviewed about China's AI policy. He tells Bloomberg's Quicktake about the misconception in the west that Beijing drives innovation. “You’re seeing companies lead the way...
rocket launched over the ocean

The Standstill Conundrum: The Advent of Second-Strike Vulnerability and Options to Address It

Commentary / October 18, 2021
Emerging and disruptive technologies spell an uncertain future for second-strike retaliatory forces. New sensors and big data analysis may render mobile missiles and submarines vulnerable to...
a–c, TEM images of Li deposited at 70 kPa. d–f, TEM images of Li deposited at 350 kPa. Insets: fast Fourier transform patterns of the corresponding images.

Pressure-tailored lithium deposition and dissolution in lithium metal batteries

News / October 18, 2021
Unregulated lithium (Li) growth is the major cause of low Coulombic efficiency, short cycle life and safety hazards for rechargeable Li metal batteries. Strategies that aim to achieve large granular...
Cameron Tracy

China's hypersonic missile test 'wake up call' for US

Commentary / October 18, 2021
The nuclear-capable missile flew through low-orbit space and circled the earth before landing about 40 km off target.
Photo of man smiling

U.S., Allies Seek Ways To Combat Ransomware As Online Attacks Proliferate

News / October 13, 2021
The more countries involved in the discussion, the better but in the end you want to have global controls on cryptocurrency redemption.
Joseph Biden

Go Bold or Go Home: The Nuclear Posture Review Must Give Biden Real Options

Commentary / October 7, 2021
The NPR must position President Biden to right-size America's nuclear forces and pursue arms control negotiations.
Man smiling

Steven Pifer: Ukraine and NATO — don’t ask, do

Commentary / October 5, 2021
Senior Ukrainian officials have voiced concern that NATO has provided no clarity regarding Ukraine’s membership prospects. Specifically, when might Kyiv receive a membership action plan, known as...
Image of Rose Gottemoeller sitting in front of the U.S. flag

Negotiating the New START Treaty by Rose Gottemoeller wins the Douglas Dillon Book Award.

News / October 4, 2021
In clear, jargon-free prose, leavened with humor, Gottemoeller conveys both the facts and the flavor of an intense, high-stakes negotiation. The book is a highly enjoyable as well as useful master...
man with glasses smiling

“The Courtroom of World Opinion”: Bringing the International Audience into Nuclear Crises

Commentary / October 1, 2021
What role does the international audience play in nuclear crises? Scholars of nuclear crises and deterrence have treated nuclear crises as dyadic interactions between two sides. However, states do...
man in blue suit smiling

The North Korean Nuclear Question Revisited: Facts, Myths and Uncertainties

Commentary / September 30, 2021
Facts are difficult to come by, myths are deeply ingrained, and uncertainties lurk everywhere — that, in short, is the nature of North Korea’s nuclear program.

Strengthen U.S. Security Through Nuclear Arms Reductions

Commentary / September 29, 2021
Biden has an opportunity to bolster deterrence, reduce proliferation risks, and lower the risk of nuclear war.
group of people on a submarine

Australia will get nuclear-powered submarines. Some see a proliferation threat.

News / September 24, 2021
The new AUKUS security partnership led to an immediate diplomatic fallout between France and the United States. But beyond the concerns about NATO and the Western alliance, or questions about great-...