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Hiroko Furukawa Tolbert and Kathryn Tolbert

History of Japanese War Brides

News / August 11, 2022
SPICE has developed free lesson plans on an important chapter of U.S. immigration history that is largely unknown.
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Honor guards prepare to raise the Taiwan flag in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall square.

3 ways the Taiwan-China standoff could impact world markets

Commentary / August 10, 2022
The standoff between China and Taiwan (and the U.S.) has heightened tensions to their highest level in decades but — so far at least — economic observers haven’t seen a worst-case scenario.
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Russia Tank

Russia, Ukraine, and the decision to negotiate

Commentary / August 1, 2022
Ending the fighting may well require talks, but the decision to negotiate should lie with Kyiv.
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Missle test

Can the NPT fulfill its promise to eliminate nuclear weapons?

Commentary / August 1, 2022
Latin American countries will push again for nuclear disarmament at this month’s review conference
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man smiling

Daniel Greene accepted into 2022 Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Fellowship Program

News / July 27, 2022
Dr. Daniel Greene has been accepted as a 2022 Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity fellow from the Center for Health Security at John Hopkins University.
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Dr. Hebert Lin

DHS plans to overhaul disinformation efforts to 'increase trust with the public'

Commentary / July 27, 2022
Herb Lin, a disinformation scholar at Stanford, said DHS will need to tread carefully moving forward. He worries “about any government involvement in this business” and whether “any mechanism that you set up can be made tamper proof.”
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Nato Russia Flags

One. More. Time. It’s not about NATO

Commentary / July 26, 2022
Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin had a number of reasons for invading Ukraine in February and starting the largest military conflict in Europe since World War II.  Putin sought to portray the pre-invasion crisis that Moscow created with Ukraine as a NATO-Russia dispute, but that framing does not stand up to serious scrutiny.
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How the cyberwar between Iran and Israel has intensified

Commentary / July 25, 2022
Three things to know about the not-so-covert cyber-operations between these two adversaries
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woman smiling

Sanne Verschuren awarded the 2022 Kenneth Waltz Outstanding Dissertation Award

News / July 6, 2022
Dr. Sanne Verschuren has been awarded the 2022 Kenneth Waltz Outstanding Dissertation Award from the International Security Section of the American Political Science Association for her dissertation titled "Imagining the Unimaginable: War, Weapons, and Procurement Politics".
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Abortion rights activists protest

Abortion disinformation is growing and dangerously divisive

Commentary / July 5, 2022
The abortion issue, both polarizing and emotional, is a perfect vessel for spreading divisive falsehoods.
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Sig Hecker named by Carnegie Corporation of New York  on its annual list of Great Immigrants today, honoring 34 naturalized citizens whose influence and actions have strengthened our society and our democracy.

Dr. Siegfried Hecker named by the Carnegie Corporation of New York on its annual list of Great Immigrants

News / June 30, 2022
Carnegie Corporation of New York announced its annual list of Great Immigrants today, honoring 34 naturalized citizens whose influence and actions have strengthened our society and our democracy.
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Nuclear Chess

Has the Russia-Ukraine war blown up the global nuclear order?

Commentary / June 29, 2022
The Russian nuclear saber-rattling that has accompanied the invasion of Ukraine represents a level of nuclear risk unprecedented since the end of the Cold War.
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Or Rabinowitz, Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

FSI’s Visiting Fellowship in Israel Studies Brings Or Rabinowitz to the Center for International Security and Cooperation

News / June 28, 2022
Dr. Or Rabinowitz of Hebrew University, Jerusalem, whose research explores how nuclear technology interacts with decision-making, strategy, and diplomacy, will come to Stanford in the 2022-2023 academic year as a Visiting Associate Professor.
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Journal Cover for MRS Bulletin

Rare Earth Elements in Materials Science

News / June 24, 2022
A vast array of critical new technologies rely on rare earth metals, a group of elements that are difficult to mine because they are so well dispersed in the earth and often contain radioactive elements such as thorium and uranium.
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Headshots of three people

Research and Perspective: Small Modular Reactors

Q&As / June 23, 2022
A recent study has found small modular reactors (SMRs) may actually produce more radioactive waste than larger conventional nuclear power reactors has drawn reaction from vendors and supporters of SMRs. In a recent interview, Lindsay Krall, Allison Macfarlane and Rod Ewing elaborated on the fuller context of and industry reaction to their study.
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Alisal High School Students

Stanford University gives Salinas students rare opportunity to learn about global issues

News / June 20, 2022
To help give young people a better understanding of the world around them, Stanford University is educating high school students on national security and world issues.
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Russia and Nuclear Weapons

What if Russia Uses Nuclear Weapon in Ukraine?

Commentary / June 20, 2022
A look at the grim scenarios—and the U.S. playbook for each
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U.S Russia Relations Putin and Biden

U.S.-Russia relations, one year after Geneva

Commentary / June 16, 2022
The June 16, 2021 meeting in Geneva between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a positive impulse to a bilateral U.S.-Russia relationship that was plumbing post-Cold War depths. Both sides made modest progress in the following months, only to be wholly derailed by Putin’s war of choice against Ukraine. It will be a long time before the U.S.-Russia relationship can approach anything that resembles “normal.”
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CISAC Honors Class 2022

Congratulations to Our CISAC Honors Graduates

News / June 13, 2022
On Friday, June 10th, 2022, we celebrated the accomplishments of the students in the Honors Program in International Security Studies.
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Russian flag and NATO flag

NATO-Russia: It’s time to suspend the Founding Act

Commentary / June 7, 2022
During a period of greater hope for Russia tempered by uncertainties, President Bill Clinton sought both to enlarge NATO and build a strategic partnership between the Alliance and Moscow.
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System Hacked computer screen

The U.S. isn’t getting ahead of the cyber threat, experts say

Commentary / June 6, 2022
Network experts, including Herb Lin, say the U.S. is just as vulnerable – or even more vulnerable – to cyber attacks.
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gettyimages 115566615

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has eroded the nuclear taboo

Commentary / June 2, 2022
In 1999 Nina Tannenwald, a political scientist at Brown University, wrote a paper analyzing something she had observed among generals, politicians and strategists: the “nuclear taboo”.
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Photo of a clock

Some disagree that it is 100 seconds to midnight. These undergrads held a debate

Commentary / June 2, 2022
Every year, a few hundred idealistic, nerdy college students compete in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl.
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President of Russia Vladimir Putin Meeting with members of the Government (via videoconference).

Why Putin’s betrayal of Ukraine could trigger nuclear proliferation

Commentary / June 1, 2022
On June 1, 1996, two trains arrived in Russia transporting the last nuclear warheads that had been deployed in Ukraine when the Soviet Union collapsed.
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Man with gray hair and glasses smiling

Will Democracies Remain United As Putin Intensifies His Destruction of Ukraine?

Q&As / May 31, 2022
CISAC Senior Fellow Norman Naimark discusses in Background Briefing with Ian Masters.
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