Undergraduate Programs- Introductory Courses in Security

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Care about environmental security? Preventing the next pandemic? Pursuing arms control? At the Center for International Security and Cooperation, we research the world’s most pressing security issues and advocate for solutions so we can make the world a safer place. Our faculty research a wide range of national and international security issues, advise policy leaders, testify before Congress, and teach undergraduate courses to inspire the next generation of leaders. Stanford students from all undergraduate schools and majors can take courses in international security, attend our speakers series, participate in research projects, and apply to the CISAC Honors Program.

CISAC Undergraduate Courses

CISAC faculty teach numerous introductory courses focused on national and international security issues.

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Elena Crespo
At CISAC, I had the opportunity to explore the national security apparatus. For the first time, I considered being a part of the national security community and got career advice from intelligence, defense policy, and U.S. foreign policy experts. I built life-long friendships and was inducted into a professional network of alumni that will help me along my own national security career.
Elena Crespo
Former CISAC Honors Student

CISAC Honors Program


The CISAC Interschool Honors Program in International Security Studies provides an opportunity for Stanford seniors from all undergraduate schools and majors who have strong academic records and interest in international security to receive Honors in International Security Studies. Students are admitted to the program on a competitive basis during winter quarter of junior year.

Washington DC, USA

Honors College in D.C.

A two-week program to discuss thesis ideas with policy makers, journalists, and members of think tanks.
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Recognition of Excellence

CISAC Honors students have a strong record of receiving awards such as the Firestone Medal.
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Alumni Network

Access a network of experts with experience in government, think tanks and private industry.

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Jonah Glick-Unterman
CISAC Honors was the defining experience of my time at Stanford. Honors College and writing the thesis challenged me to think systematically and prepared me to communicate my ideas to senior officials. I found my closest mentors and best friends in the process. I wish I could do it all again!
Jonah Glick-Unterman
Former CISAC Honors Student
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Research Opportunities

CISAC offers a variety of research opportunities for undergraduates.

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CISAC Mentorship Program

A program for women and under-represented minorities in national security.

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CISAC students also engage in seminars and events.