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Preventing Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism


Social Science Research Scholar
Lynn Eden
Senior Fellow, emeritus
  • Professor emeritus (research), Management Science and Engineering
David Holloway, CISAC
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  • Professor, History
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Senior Fellow, Emeritus
  • Professor, Political Science, Emeritus
Senior Fellow
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Michael May
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Finding the means to reduce the threat represented by weapons of mass destruction was the original organizing principle of CISAC, and it remains a primary objective of its research and track-two efforts. This urgency has been highlighted by the ongoing threat of nuclear proliferation by North Korea and Iran.  In addition, there remains the disturbing prospect of nuclear or biological weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

Such threats underscore the importance of informed evaluations and recommendations regarding the future of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its related regime of international controls on nuclear weapons; scholarship and policy work on intelligence failures and successes; and innovative ideas for international cooperation to prevent nuclear proliferation.



Dr. Richard L. Garwin
-Science and Technology Council on Foreign Relations, NY
Valerie Gilpin
-Women in International Society
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei
-International Atomic Energy Agency
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei
-International Atomic Energy Agency