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Russian Power and Purpose in the 21st Century Seminars

The Project on Russian Power and Purpose convenes faculty seminars and open events in which speakers and experts discuss the context and drivers of Kremlin strategy. The Project’s analyses and recommendations will be compiled for publication and circulation among policy makers. 

Under President Putin’s leadership, Russia has consolidated power and exerted influence in its neighborhood and farther afield, with the apparent purpose of reasserting its global status and sowing discord among its rivals. From cyber and military interventionism to the export of soft power messaging and disinformation campaigns, the actions of Putin’s administration have had serious impact in disrupting democracies outside of Russia and contributing to the growth of authoritarianism and populism in former Soviet countries and traditional democracies alike. 

For scholars invested in the former-Soviet space, approaching the threat posed by the Kremlin’s actions and influence must be rooted in a solid grasp of recent Russian history, the interests that shape Kremlin strategy, and the institutional weaknesses in countries where Russia’s resurgent influence has taken hold. The Project on Russian Power and Purpose in the 21st Century seeks to analyze the strategies and interests that have defined Russia’s resurgent place on the international stage and to formulate responses that can guide policymakers in 2020 and beyond.