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J. Luis Rodriguez, PhD

  • Stanton Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. J. Luis Rodriguez studies the design of limits on the use of force in international law and the effects of hierarchies and inequalities in international orders. He focuses on the origins of the global nuclear order from a Global South perspective. Dr. Rodriguez’s work reconstructs the attempts of Latin American actors to delegitimize the threat and use of nuclear force, secure their access to peaceful nuclear technologies, and include environmental and humanitarian considerations in nuclear agendas. By analyzing the Latin American participation in the global nuclear order, he aims to understand how the Global South reacts when technological advancements challenge existing limits on the use of force. Dr. Rodriguez received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University in 2021. He was a junior advisor to the Mexican Vice-Minister for Latin American Affairs before joining the Ph.D. program at Hopkins. His work has been published in International Affairs, the Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Third World Quarterly, among other outlets.

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