Xinru Ma


From September 2020, Xinru Ma will be a visiting scholar at the Korean Studies Institute at the University of Southern California, where she will be working on two book projects that examine nationalism, the rise of China, power transition, and East Asian regional stability, with new evidences from both historical and contemporary East Asia. Originally from China, Xinru's primary research focuses on nationalism and its influence on maritime disputes. She uses game theoretical models and computational text analysis to investigate the formation and diffusion of nationalism, and collects original datasets including nationalist protests and behaviors of states and substate actors in the South China Sea via applying natural language processing methods to large-scale media text. Her research is informed by extensive field research in Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Korea, and China, during which she interviewed protestors, think tanks, diplomats, government officials, and foreign business owners that were impacted by nationalist protests. More broadly, Xinru is interested in public opinion and new methods of measuring it, foreign policy formation, alliance politics, East Asian security dynamics, and the historical relations of East Asia.