J. George

Julie George

  • Predoctoral Fellow


Julie George is a PhD Candidate in the Government Department at Cornell University, specializing in international security. Her current research focuses on answering the question: “Under what conditions do dual-use emerging technologies proliferate in the international system?” In her dissertation project, she investigates the likelihood of proliferation of three emerging technologies: artificial intelligence, robotics, and cyber. She selected these three emerging innovations based on their date of discovery in the 1940s and 50s and analyze the convergent/divergent paths taken by states and the private sector.

Previously, Julie was a Summer Associate Fellow at RAND's National Security Research Division (2020) and Project Air Force (2021). She was the instructor of record for a Freshman Writing Seminar at Cornell University entitled, Emerging Technologies in International Security, as well as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Introductory to Probability and Statistics and Advanced Regression Analysis. Prior to her PhD studies at Cornell University, she worked at the Atlantic Council and completed a graduate fellowship at the Nonproliferation Education and Research Center (NEREC) housed at KAIST University in South Korea.