Jeffery H. Richardson

Research Interests

science diplomacy; nonproliferation; nuclear weapons; chemical weapons convention; fissile material protection; radiation detection


Jeff Richardson is an affiliate and former visiting scholar at CISAC. He came to CISAC after a 35 year career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. At LLNL he held a variety of program management positions, including Division Leader of Chemistry and later of Proliferation Prevention. He spent two tours in Washington DC, supporting NNSA in Nonproliferation R&D and DoD in the USAF Directorate of Nuclear Operations, Plans and Requirements. His most recent paper, Shifting from a Nuclear Triad to a Nuclear Dyad, explores an alternate future strategy for the US nuclear arsenal. At CISAC he will focus on science diplomacy, using science as a tool for international engagement and promoting regional security. He will also be working on developing the concept of cyber openness (i.e., how the information revolution will change international security).

Jeff earned his BS degree in chemistry from CalTech and his PhD in organic chemistry from Stanford University. His work at LLNL included chemical and materials science research, energy research, materials development for nuclear weapons programs, radiation detection for border security, nuclear materials protection, and proliferation detection, science cooperation for international security, and support for the Chemical Weapons Convention.