Frank Pabian

Frank Pabian


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Frank Pabian is an internationally recognized expert in the application of satellite imagery and geospatial tools to derive new information of national and global security relevance.  Frank is a Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow, now retired after 45 years experience in the satellite imagery and geospatial analysis fields for nuclear nonproliferation applications.

During 1996-1999, Frank was tapped to serve as the Nuclear Chief Inspector for the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) during ground inspections in Iraq, which involved both imagery analysis and geophysical subsurface mapping of concealment sites for subsequent excavation of equipment/materials associated with some aspect of weapons of mass destruction. 

Frank is a former Visiting Fellow at CISAC during 2012-2013 performing research on the use of commercial satellite imagery to enhance global transparency. During 2014-2016, Frank took a Governmental Service Leave of Absence from Los Alamos to serve as a Senior Fellow at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in Italy to collaborate and mentor on ways to more effectively apply geospatially-linked open-source information to nuclear nonproliferation monitoring and verification. 

Frank is a recipient of the US Intelligence Community Seal Medallion (gold medal) for “sustained superior performance” for Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty verification support to the IAEA during South Africa’s denuclearization, and for associated discoveries derived from original analysis of all-source, including open source, information. Frank is also a “Certified Mapping Scientist, Remote Sensing” with the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASP&RS).