Elaine Korzak

Elaine Korzak


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Elaine Korzak is currently a W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellow at the Hoover Institution. She was previously a predoctoral and postdoctoral cybersecurity fellow at CISAC. She earned her PhD from the Department of War Studies at King´s College London in 2014. Her thesis examined the applicability and adequacy of international law (in particular international law on the use of force and international humanitarian law) in regulating the use of cyber attacks by states. As part of her analysis she conducted research on the cybersecurity discussions at the UN and the positions of the US, the UK, Russia and China in this process. She continues to write about the international debate on norms in cyberspace and other legal and policy aspects of cybersecurity. Her current research project looks at the application and implementation of international and national export control regimes in curbing the proliferation of cyber weapons.

Elaine holds both an MA in International Peace and Security from King´s College London and an LL.M in Public International Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her professional experience includes various governmental and non-governmental institutions (both national and international) where she has worked on various disarmament and international security issues. These include, most recently, NATO´s Cyber Defence Section as well as the European Commission´s Directorate-General on Information Society and Media.