Colin Garvey


Dr. Colin Shunryu Garvey was a postdoctoral fellow with joint appointments at Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) and Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). Trained in the interdisciplinary field of Science & Technology Studies (STS), his research examines technological risk governance through the lens of political decision theory, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a case study to understand how societies can more safely, fairly, and wisely steer controversial sociotechnical systems. A scholar of the history of technology and fluent in Japanese, his study of the first global “AI arms race” between the US and Japan in the 1980s was recently published as part of a special issue of Pacific Historical Review. His work has been supported by the NSF, and in 2017 his study of American AI history was awarded Best Early Career Paper by the Society for the History of Technology. In addition to working on his book manuscript, Terminated? How Societies Can Avert the Coming AI Catastrophe, Garvey is currently translating his STS-inflected approach to AI risk governance into a policy report for a Washington DC-based thinktank and extrapolating his historical research on Japanese AI to contextualize the current “AI arms race” between the US and China.