Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips


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Counterintelligence | Intelligence | Intra-agency communication | Leadership | Mindfulness


Bill Phillips has vast experience in the US Intelligence Community with over 36 years as a professional intelligence officer, over 25 of which were as a CIA clandestine service officer.  Among his many accomplishments, Bill served as CIA Chief of Station (COS) in Latin America and the Near East, and developed specialized Counterintelligence expertise.  Bill has nationally recognized prowess in HUMINT and extensive knowledge of multiple foreign environments and cultures. His career spanned counterintelligence, counterterrorism and counternarcotics operations. He worked closely with senior US government officials, Congressional elements, FBI, and elements of the US military, and has substantive expertise in South Asia, the Caribbean and certain remote areas of Latin America.   Bill was awarded CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the National HUMINT Collector Award, the CIA’s Latin America Division Medal, two Meritorious Unit Citations and numerous CIA Exceptional Performance Awards.

Bill also served as Director of the Office of Counterintelligence at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 2005-2010. Bill enhanced the program by focusing CI efforts on educating LANL’s staff to the risks and threats posed by adversarial governments, criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations.  Bill integrated disparate intelligence disciplines (collection, analysis, investigations, and cyber) to strengthen the lab’s CI program.  A trusted member of the LANL leadership team, Bill collaborated with elements of the US Intelligence Community and FBI on highly sensitive CI investigations.

Currently Bill is an independent consultant and has created intelligence related training programs, taught and advised clients in the IC.  He especially enjoys mentoring and guiding individuals new to the intelligence field.

Bill received a B.A. in History from Howard University in 1972 and a J.D. from Rutgers University in 1975.

Bill is a longtime student of Ki Aikido and Zen and has used aspects of these disciplines in his work as an intelligence professional, leader, teacher and mentor. While at CIA, Bill was a co-leader of a series of one hour classes introducing intelligence officers to the stress-relieving benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice. He is married with two sons, one of whom works in the computer industry and another studies computer science at Stanford.