Benoît Pelopidas


Benoît Pelopidas is Professor at Sciences Po (Paris) where he holds the junior chair of excellence in security studies and is the scientific director of the Masters program in International Security. He also remains an affiliate of the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford University. Since September 2015, he has been a visiting fellow at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, working with their global systemic risk research cluster. Since September 2016, he has been a visiting fellow at Princeton’s Program on Science and Global Security.
He has been awarded two international prizes for his research and a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award in 2016.
He focuses on the construction of knowledge about nuclear weapons, their past and their future and its ethical and political implications. Empirically, Benoit’s focus is on nuclear “close calls” and French nuclear history. He edited a volume on the experience of the so called ‘Cuban missile crisis’ worldwide and lessons learned from it, expected to be published in 2017. His latest essay on self-censorship in nuclear security studies was published in the Journal of Global Security Studies in Fall 2016.
Over the last six years, he has been engaging with policy making elites in the US and Europe as well as civil society groups to advocate innovative nuclear disarmament and arms control policies.

Other publications: 

Nuclear Weapons Scholarship as a Case of Self-Censorship in Security Studies in the Journal of Global Security Studies

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