Where are CISAC Fellows off to?

Morgan Kaplan and Kate Cronin-Furman

Everyone at CISAC loves the beginning of summer.... and yet, summer brings a tinge of nostalgia because that is also when many of our fellows leave for new adventures. We are proud of their successes and wish them great times ahead. Our lives have been enriched by their presence at CISAC and we will miss them all dearly. We thought that, like us, you would like to know where they are headed.


Erin BaggottErin Baggott

After two years at Stanford, Erin Baggott and fiancé Brett Carter, who joined a terrific panel on field research in late March, are headed off to the warmer shores of Southern California. They will join the Trojans' ranks and both will be assistant professors at the University of Southern California's School of International Relations. Topping the list of what Erin will miss are the people, as she found CISAC "full of welcoming, collegial, sunny folks. It was a pleasure to get to know you all." Her parting advice to new fellows is to get to know everyone and to enjoy the area.


John CogbillJohn Cogbill

John will call Fort Benning, GA, home but, as Deputy Commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment, he will spend most of the next year in Afghanistan. In that context, it makes sense that one of the moments he will miss most are coffee breaks with friends at Coupa! John valued the freedom to choose his courses "and the opportunity to meet so many brilliant people." He is grateful for the chance to work in the classroom with Scott Sagan, Joe Felter, and Karl Eikenberry and feels future military fellows should take advantage of similar teaching opportunities. In addition, he wrote, "Get started on your research early. By the time classes start you're already getting close to your first deadline on the USAWC strategy paper."


Kate Cronin-Furman

Kate will continue her research at Harvard's Belfer Center next year. Other than the policy workshop, where she enjoyed both the substance and the brownies, she will miss GLOW, the Global Local Workshop. GLOW, a reading group created by this year's fellows to discuss international security issues nestled at the intersection of global and local politics - terrorism, counter-terrorism, state terror, war crimes, insurgency, counter-insurgency. If Kate has any regrets, it is that she still hasn't made it up Hoover Tower.


Edward GeistEdward Geist

Now completing his second year as a CISAC fellow, Edward values the interdisciplinary nature of CISAC, which has afforded him "the opportunity to branch out to write and think about new fields." He admits that the people are what he will miss the most about his time here but wishes he had spent more time in the Hoover Archives. Incoming fellows must maximize the resources that are made available to them: "Make the most of it while you can." Edward is moving to Los Angeles and will be a Associate Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation.


Morgan Kaplan

Morgan Kaplan

Morgan is traveling east to become a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. His two regrets are not spending more time both in the Hoover Archives and exploring the Bay Area. In typically exuberant Morgan fashion, his parting words of advice to incoming fellows are this: "Take advantage of Stanford's academic resources, be pro-active in reaching out to faculty inside and outside of CISAC, and enjoy the amazing weather!" Morgan's gratitude goes to the people who make up CISAC: "Everyone is so incredibly helpful, fun, and intelligent. Everyone supports each other personally and professionally, and I could not have asked for a better work environment to complete my dissertation research." Morgan, a GLOW member, will defend his dissertation on "Persuading Power: Insurgent Diplomacy and the International Politics of Rebellion" at the University of Chicago on July 13.


Andreas Kuehn

Andreas will spend the summer working at RAND in Washington, D.C. He is finishing his second year at CISAC and has relished his time on the Farm, in particular "the incredibly community and opportunity that CISAC and Stanford offered. I got to know many great people and experts within and outside of my field of research. I loved this experience and it shaped how I think about national/international security!" Based on his experience, members of the new cohort should strive to "find a good balance between your work and the seminars and all the other events that are offered at Stanford."


Marshall Kuypers

Marshall Kuypers

Marshall is leaving CISAC after two years but can still be found on campus where he will be finishing his dissertation in the Department of Management Science & Engineering. He's enjoyed the science seminars in particular but recommends that new fellows "get off campus and enjoy California!" Though Marshall did not take his own advice often enough and regrets that he did not have more time to ski in Tahoe, he has enjoyed working with other excellent researchers.


Scott MaytanScott Maytan

Next up for Scott is USSTRATCOM in Omaha. Scott has enjoyed his time in the civilian world and will miss "discussing the problems I work on with people from other worldviews." He recommends that new fellows "consider how the Senior Military Fellows can help you with your research."



Terrence G. Peterson

Terry Peterson

Terry is moving across the country to the Sunshine State to join the faculty ranks as Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Florida International University. A dedicated member of the GLOW workshop, he is deeply appreciative of "the other fellows, faculty, and staff that I got to collaborate with." He will miss CISAC's collaborative atmosphere and regrets that there was not enough time for a fellows' camping trip. As parting advice, he says: "Get out and get in touch with anyone of interest right away, so that you can take full advantage of your short time here at Stanford."


William SpanielWilliam Spaniel

The University of Pittsburgh is welcoming William as a new Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Although he wishes he had spent more time driving around the area, in particular Napa, Santa Cruz, and Monterey, William reminds new fellows that "the job market comes first. Spend all of your energy on that in the fall. Everything else can come later." Another stalwart GLOW member, he will miss having all the fellows in one place, working with them, and splitting the famous Rush Hour brownies.


Magda StawkowskiMagda Stawkowski

Carrboro, NC, will be Magda's new home when she joins the Sociology and Anthropology Department at North Carolina State University as a Teaching Scholar this fall. She will miss her "amazing colleagues and friends, and the interdisciplinary research opportunities Stanford has to offer." Magda has thrived in her two years at CISAC "meeting and working with accomplished and inspiring scholars." To those following in her footsteps, Magda advises, "Get to know your cohort and make connection with scholars across campus."


Nina SiloveNina Silove

Nina Silove is heading back home to Australia. She will be Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Strategic and Defense Studies Centre at the Australian National University in Canberra.





Christopher LawrenceChris Lawrence

Also saying goodbye, after two years at CISAC, is Chris Lawrence, who will be a post-doc at the Harvard Kennedy School.





Ivanka Barzashka

Ivanka Barzashka

Ivanka was one of six winners of a call for proposals on new technologies and the future of deterrence. She currently manages and serves as the lead researcher of a Carnegie-sponsored project "Understanding How Missile Defense Will Affect Nuclear Deterrence and Stability in the New Strategic Environment."