Rose Gottemoeller testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee

Rose Gottemoeller's main takeaways from her opening statement while testifying before the SASC
Rose Gottemoeller

Steven C. Házy Lecturer, Rose Gottemoeller, testified today before the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) in Washington D.C., on the United States' nuclear strategy and policy. While testifying, Gottemoeller emphasized the following three points:

  1. New START constraints continue to serve U.S. national interests as we modernize our arsenal. If unchecked, Russia could dramatically expand its missel and warhead arsenal.
  2. We must focus on the race in emerging technologies, considering China's deep investments in that area, but be ready to respond if they rush a nuclear buildup.
  3. Arm's control is in the U.S. interest, and engaging both Russia and China in the sphere will be necessary.


Read the full opening statement below.