Holloway on U.S., China and Russia

In this CSPAN videoCISAC faculty member David Holloway and affiliates Karl Eikenberry, Thomas Fingar and Kathryn Stoner of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies talk about the concept of "triangulation" between the U.S., China and Russia. Triangulation refers to whether the U.S., by improving relations with China, carves out a more favorable negotiating position with Russia (or, in the past, the Soviet Union), while improving relationships with both countries. The FSI scholars discussed whether this theme is still relevant in today’s world. They also talked about the Trump administration’s policies toward Russia, China and North Korea. The discussion, which took place July 27 at the Richard Nixon foundation and library, is 1 hour and 33 minutes in length. Click here for the Nixon foundation's video of this event.