Special TEC-CISAC Seminar: Cooperating to Compete: The Role of Regional Powers in Global Nuclear Governance

Francesca completed her D.Phil at Oxford University (2009-2012) in the Department of Politics and International Relations with a thesis that explores the role of regional powers in designing and influencing regional nuclear policies. She is a 2012-2013 postdoctoral fellow at CISAC. A recipient of the prestigious Rotary World Peace Fellowship (2005-2007), Francesca studied at the University of California Berkeley, where she earned two Master of Arts degrees and was subsequently appointed as lecturer in the Department of International and Area Studies for two years. She also held the position of Academic Coordinator of the Berkeley Summer School for the Global Generation from 2007 to 2010. After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna, Francesca served in several international peacekeeping missions including in the Palestinian Territories with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Turkey with a network of humanitarian NGOs and in Lebanon and in the South Pacific with the United Nations.