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A Framework for Comparative Analysis of Governance Conditions in Health Systems


Governance is exceptionally complex in health systems. Part of the complexity lies in the differences between these systems; especially across countries. Differences make it difficult to assess governance conditions in a comparative sense, and call for a framework to think about this issue. This talk discusses a potential framework based on the idea that governance mechanisms vary depending on relationships in systems and the problems that systems face. The framework is applied to different countries to show how different health sector governance regimes might be required for different contexts.

Speaker Bio

Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews is Associate Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. A South African, he does research on governance in developing countries and also on implementation of reforms. His most recent work examines comparative governance arrangements as well as problem driven approaches to doing development differently.


This event was introduced by FSI Oliver Nomellini Senior Fellow at CDDRL Francis Fukuyama.