U.S. Intelligence Transformation: The Digital Dimension

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Reuben W. Hills Conference Room
  • James R. Gosler

James R. Gosler joined Sandia National Laboratories in 1979. Early contributions included establishing a performance modeling/simulation program in the Data Processing Operating Systems Design area and developing attack methodologies for both cryptographic and nuclear weapon systems in the Adversarial Analysis Group. In 1989, Mr. Gosler was invited by the National Security Agency to serve as Sandia's first Visiting Scientist to Fort Meade, MD. Upon his return to Sandia, he was named Manager of the Software Adversarial Analysis Department. In 1993, he established and directed the Vulnerability Assessments Program (VAP) and was named as an Assistant Director of the Systems Assessment and Research Center.

In April 1996, Mr. Gosler entered the Senior Intelligence Service (SES-5) at CIA as the first Director of the Clandestine Information Technology Office (CITO). In May 2001, Mr. Gosler returned to Sandia as a Senior Scientist supporting National Information Operations, Information Assurance, Critical Infrastructure, and Terrorism initiatives. He continues to provide service to Intelligence Community leaders as a strategist and subject matter expert through participation on numerous boards and panels. In September 2003, he was appointed as Sandia National Laboratories' sixth Fellow. His area of focus is Information Operations Studies. Mr. Gosler earned a BS degree in Physics and Mathematics and a MS degree in Mathematics.