The State of Stockpile Stewardship and Nuclear Nonproliferation



Valerie Gilpin, Women in International Society
Patricia Falcone, Sandia National Laboratories
Sidney Drell, Stanford University
Carolyn Mangeng, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Miriam John, Sandia National Laboratories
Elizabeth Turpen, Office of Senator Richard Lugar
Mona Dreicer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Edward Levine, Senate on Foreign Relations Committee
Joseph Pilat, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Date and Time

March 12, 2004 12:00 AM - 3:15 PM


By Invitation Only.


Oksenberg Conference Room

FSI Contact

Ululani Pomroy

CISAC co-hosts a workshop with Women in International Security (WIIS) on nuclear stockpile stewardship. Speakers and participants include lab affiliates and congressional staff.


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Valerie Gilpin
Christopher F. Chyba
Patricia Falcone
Sidney Drell
Carolyn Mangeng
Dean Wilkening
Miriam John
Michael M. May
Elizabeth Turpen
Scott D. Sagan
Mona Dreicer
Edward Levine
Joseph Pilat