Decolonizing Politics - An Introduction | Robbie Shilliam

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

William J. Perry Conference Room

  • Robbie Shilliam

Seminar Recording

About the Event: Political science emerged as a response to the challenges of imperial administration and the demands of colonial rule. While not all political scientists were colonial cheerleaders, their thinking was nevertheless framed by colonial assumptions that influence the study of politics to this day.

This book offers students a lens through which to decolonize the main themes and issues of political science - from human nature, rights, and citizenship, to development and global justice. Not content with revealing the colonial legacies that still inform the discipline, the book also introduces students to a wide range of intellectual resources from the (post)colonial world that will help them think through the same themes and issues more expansively.

Decolonizing Politics is a much-needed critical guide for students of political science. It shifts the study of political science from the centers of power to its margins, where the majority of humanity lives. Ultimately, the book argues that those who occupy the margins are not powerless. Rather, marginal positions might afford a deeper understanding of politics than can be provided by mainstream approaches.

About the Speaker: Robbie Shilliam is Professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University. He is most recently author of Decolonizing Politics (Polity, 2021). His forthcoming book is entitled Move Outta Babylon: Rastafari Reason, Black Marxism and the Struggle for Global Justice (Penguin/Random House, 2024).

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