Determinants of Territorial Conflicts in Africa



Hein Goemans,
Jessica Gottlieb,

Date and Time

October 13, 2011 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


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Reuben W. Hills Conference Room
Hein Goemans received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 1995 and currently serves as Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Rochester in New York. His book War and Punishment was published by Princeton University Press in 2000. Another book, Leaders and International Conflict, (co-authored with Giacomo Chiozza) is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. Other publications have appeared in the American Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Conflict Resolution. Goemans is currently engaged in two research projects. The first extends the research in his first book on the causes of war termination and examines the role and incentives of leaders in international conflict initiation. His second research project explores when and why people become attached to specific pieces of territory that together constitute a "homeland," and the consequences of these attachments. Kenneth A. Schultz is professor of political science at Stanford University. His research examines international conflict and conflict resolution, with a particular focus on the domestic political influences on foreign policy choices. He is the author of Democracy and Coercive Diplomacy and World Politics: Interests, Interactions, and Institutions (with David Lake and Jeffry Frieden), as well as numerous articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. He was the recipient the 2003 Karl Deutsch Award, given by the International Studies Association, and a 2011 Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, awarded by Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences. He received his PhD in political science from Stanford University.