Sulgiye Park

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Sulgiye Park

  • Stanton Postdoctoral Fellow


Sulgyi Park holds a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Stanford University. At CISAC, Sulgiye wants to focus on understanding the front-end of uranium pathway in North Korea. In addition to researching the type of uranium ore deposits that exist in North Korea, Sulgiye wants to use their science background to study the geological and mineralogical relationship between North Korea's Phyungnam basin in which the main North Korean uranium mine (Pyongsan) is located and South Korea's Okchon Metamorphic Belt, which hosts uranium-bearing metalliferous shale. Furthermore, Sulgiye wants to research the different processes North Korea could use in its uranium milling facilities.

Prior to joining CISAC, Sulgiye was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford Geological Sciences and Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, where Sulgiye studied materials' behaviors at extreme environments. Sulgiye spent most of their time conducting experiments in the lab. Sulgiye also spent some time researching the front-end of uranium fuel cycle in North Korea, mainly uranium mining and milling processes.