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Global Implications of China's Challenges – Part I

January 2012

For the past two decades China has been a poster child of successful globalization, integrating with the world and in the process lifting millions of citizens out of poverty.

“Spytainment”: The Real Influence of Fake Spies

June 2011

An excerpt from "Spytainment: The Real Influence of Fake Spies" (pp.

How it Feels to Get Old

July 2004

Some years ago, I spent a sabbatical year as a fellow at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, doing research and finishing a book.

Accidental Nuclear War: A Post-Cold War Assessment

December 1998

Background: In the 1980s, many medical organizations identified the prevention of nuclear war as one of the medical profession's most important goals.

Bob Dole's Age and Health in the 1996 Election: Did the Media Let Us Down?

October 1998

The age of Senator Robert Dole, the oldest man ever to run for the presidency, was a substantive issue in the election of 1996.

Can the Nation Afford a Senior Citizen As President? The Age Factor in the 1996 Election and Beyond

April 1997

Disabling illness has been widely observed among national leaders. This is hardly unexpected because many of them govern at an age when there is a high incidence of debilitating disease.

Steps on the Road to Privatization: A Preliminary Report on the Saratov Aviation Plant

June 1992

This report outlines the problems faced by Saratov Aviation Plant (SAP) in its efforts to create an employee-owned joint-stock company in present-day Russia.