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America’s Nuclear Waste – No Solution in Sight

January 2016

America’s nuclear waste is accumulating at over seventy sites in 39 states – but there is no clear way forward for its final disposal. An international cast of experts explains how the U.S.


Kristin Ven Bruusgaard Kristin Ven Bruusgaard Predoctoral Fellow
Yogesh Joshi Yogesh Joshi Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow
Anna Weichselbraun Anna M. Weichselbraun Postdoctoral Fellow
Sannia Abdullah Sannia Abdullah Postdoctoral Fellow
Gabriela Levikow Gabriela Levikow CISAC Honors Student
Brad Roberts Brad Roberts Affiliate
David Clark David L. Clark Affiliate
Anna Peczeli Anna Péczeli Affiliate
Mark Gorenflo Mark Gorenflo Affiliate
Jamil Jaffer Jamil N. Jaffer Affiliate
Matthew Fuhrmann Matthew Fuhrmann Affiliate
Lynn Eden Lynn Eden Affiliate