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Uranium Africain, une histoire globale

April 2016

This is a 2016 French translation of Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade (2012), translated by Charlotte Nordmann and part of the series "L'Univers Historique."

State Strategies in Multi-Ethnic Territories: Explaining Variation in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc

February 2013

Abstract After the collapse of the Soviet bloc, its twenty-seven successor states were charged with devising policies with respect to their ethnic minorities.

Dueling incentives : Sexual violence in Liberia and the politics of human rights advocacy

May 2012

Abstract Transnational advocacy organizations are influential actors in the international politics of human rights.

Organizational legacies of violence Conditions favoring insurgency onset in Colombia, 1964–1984

May 2012

Abstract Why do insurgencies erupt in some places and not in others?

Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade

March 2012

From MIT University Press Abstract:   "Uranium from Africa has long been a major source of fuel for nuclear power and atomic weapons, including the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Can Hearts and Minds Be Bought? The Economics of Counterinsurgency in Iraq

October 2011

Abstract: We develop and test an economic theory of insurgency motivated by the informal literature and by recent military doctrine.

Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict

August 2011

Summary from Columbia University Press: For more than a century, from 1900 to 2006, campaigns of nonviolent resistance were more than twice as effective as their violent counterparts in achieving...

Rape Reporting During War: Why the Numbers Don't Mean What You Think They Do

August 2011

First page of the article: Reports of sexual violence during the ongoing unrest in Libya have captured headlines across the world.

Entangled Geographies: Empire and Technopolitics in the Global Cold War (ed. volume)

April 2011

From MIT Press  "The Cold War was not simply a duel of superpowers.

Consequences of Counterterrorism, The

February 2010

The 9/11 terrorist attacks opened America's eyes to a frightening world of enemies surrounding us.

Inside Nuclear South Asia

December 2009

Nuclear-armed adversaries India and Pakistan have fought three wars since their creation as sovereign states in 1947.

Can Development Aid Contribute to Social Cohesion after Civil War? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Post-Conflict Liberia

May 2009

Civil war is very common in the developing world, with harmful welfare effects when it occurs.

Strategies for Combating Bioterrorism

December 2008

Nuclear Warfare

December 2008

Technology has always had a profound influence on the character of war.

Iranian Strategy in Iraq: Politics and "Other Means"

October 2008

Iran has a robust program to exert influence in Iraq in order to limit American power‐projection capability in the Middle East, ensure the Iraqi government does not pose a threat to Iran, and build...

Nations, States, and Violence

September 2007

Nations, States, and Violence presents a revisionist view of the sources of nationalism, the relationship of the nation to culture, and the implications of nationalism and cultural heterogeneity...

Terrorism and Trial by Jury: The Vices and Virtues of British and American Criminal Law

March 2007

British tradition and the American Constitution guarantee trial by jury for serious crime.1 But terrorism is not ordinary crime, and the presence of jurors may skew the manner in which terrorist...

Explaining Suicide Terrorism: A Review Essay

January 2007

The current trend toward suicide bombings began in Lebanon in the early 1980s. The practice soon spread to civil conflicts in Sri Lanka, the Kurdish areas of Turkey, and Chechnya.

Inside Rebellion: The Politics of Insurgent Violence

October 2006

Some rebel groups abuse noncombatant populations, while others exhibit restraint.

Refugee Security and the Organizational Logic of Legal Mandates

July 2006

ABSTRACT: While the refugee protection system is one of international law's most recognizable features, it routinely places massive numbers of refugees in camps in the developing world, where they...

Al Qaeda's Miscommunication War: The Terrorism Paradox

December 2005

The Bush administration's response to the September 11 attacks has rendered more urgent Al Qaeda's stated objective to eject the United States from the Middle East.

India and Pakistan's Unstable Peace: Why Nuclear South Asia Is Not Like Cold War Europe

October 2005

Scholars attribute conventional violence in a nuclear South Asia to a phenomenon known as the "stability/instability paradox." According to this paradox, the risk of nuclear war makes it unlikely...

Problem of Redundancy Problem: Why More Nuclear Security Forces May Produce Less Nuclear Security, The

December 2004

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, many scholars, journalists, and public officials expressed fear about the security of nuclear facilities...

Overconfidence and War: The Havoc and Glory of Positive Illusions

October 2004

Opponents rarely go to war without thinking they can win--and clearly, one side must be wrong.


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