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President Trump says he’ll pull US troops out of Syria. Now what?

December 2018

Q&A with Martha Crenshaw, a senior fellow at FSI’s Center for International Security and Cooperation.

Beijing Workshop Explores Options for Interventions in Civil Wars

November 2018

Shorenstein APARC’s U.S.-Asia Security Initiative (USASI), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), and the School for International Studies at Peking University recently co-hosted the...

Anti-Poverty Program Reduces Violence in Civil Conflicts

February 2016

An anti-poverty aid program in the Philippines is not only helping the poor, but also decreasing political violence and insurgency.

Is Syria considering using chemical weapons? Experts suggest Iraq case could be a policy guide

June 2015

As the risks escalate, the argument presented in Foreign Policy 18 months ago by Stanford scholars Scott Sagan and Ben Buch is particularly timely.

Understanding conflict is the road to peace

January 2015

The Empirical Studies of Conflict project focuses on the causes and characteristics of politically motivated violence.

Perry, Weinstein honored for academic and policy achievements

April 2013

Two of CISAC's scholars, William J. Perry and Jeremy Weinstein, received honors in recognition of their groundbreaking work in international affairs.

Stanford scholar recognized for contributions to the field of international affairs

April 2013

Political scientist Jeremy M. Weinstein received the Karl Deutsch Award from the International Studies Association for his contributions to the study of international relations and peace research.

Empirical Studies of Conflict Project launches data archive

January 2013

CISAC Senior Research Scholar Joe Felter and colleagues at Princeton and UC San Diego launch an exhaustive research and data archive for the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project.

Researchers call for policy, aid and innovation to help world’s poorest

April 2012

Bill Gates spoke to a Stanford audience about the importance of foreign aid and product innovation in the fight against chronic hunger, poverty and disease in the developing world.

What books do CISAC researchers recommend?

July 2011

Incoming Stanford freshman will be reading three books on ethics and war this summer recommended by Scott Sagan.

Cultural critic Susie Linfield discusses 'The ethics of seeing'

October 2010

As a little girl Susie Linfield was captivated by a book entitled The Black Book of Polish Jewry that included photos of starving Jews in the ghettos. "I was grieved by them.

Stanford Africa expert to work for National Security Council

September 2009

Jeremy M. Weinstein, an associate professor of political science, has been appointed Director for Democracy at the National Security Council (NSC).

CISAC announces members of 2009-10 Honors Program

July 2009

CISAC is pleased to announce that 14 seniors have been selected to participate in its Undergraduate Honors Program in International Security Studies.

Is Ethnic Conflict Inevitable? Parting Ways Over Nationalism and Separatism

September 2008

Jeremy Weinstein, Ames Habyarimana, assistant professor at Georgetown, Macartan Humphreys, assistant professor at Columbia, Daniel Posner, associate professor at UCLA, Richard Rosecrance, adjunct...

CISAC awards 14 honors certificates in international security studies

June 2007

CISAC awarded honors certificates in international security studies to 14 undergraduates.

CISAC scholar leads newly endowed, expanded International Policy Studies program

February 2007

Starting next fall, Stanford's 25-year-old International Policy Studies (IPS) master's program will double in length and expand its interdisciplinary scope to train a new generation of graduates...

CISAC civil war experts influence policy debate on Iraq

December 2006

November's mid-term elections, in which Democrats won a majority in both houses of congress, were widely interpreted as a referendum on the administration's prosecution of the Iraq war.

Domestic spying turns homeland into battlefield, warns CISAC scholar

May 2006

The National Security Agency's collection of U.S. citizens' phone records is the latest evidence of a shift in the way the government uses military assets, writes CISAC fellow Laura K.

CISAC fellow: U.S. civil rights movement shows way to Middle East peace

May 2006

One century after America's Civil War, the descendants of slaves daily faced the twin terrors of homicide and arson. Yet only 15 years after the rise of the Rev.

Civil war definition transcends politics

April 2006

Is the conflict in Iraq a civil war or not? Debate over this question is largely political. In this Washington Post op-ed, CISAC's James D.

Iraq now - headed for civil war or already there?

February 2006

Is civil war likely to break out in Iraq? It already has, according to CISAC faculty member James D. Fearon, a political science professor who studies recent civil wars.

U.S. can help Liberia break with its violent past

January 2006

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's inauguration as the president of Liberia marks a watershed in the country's tumultuous history. Liberia's historic moment provides the U.S.

CISAC's 2005-2006 fellows seek global security solutions

September 2005

David Hafemeister is a physics professor at California Polytechnic State University, but this academic year he's at Stanford University studying ways to keep the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty...


Fearon James James D. Fearon Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science
weinstein Jeremy M. Weinstein Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science