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Nuclear Arms Control in the 2020s

April 2021

As the United States, Russia and others figure out how to maintain and enhance strategic stability in a multi-player, multi-domain world, Washington and Moscow will continue to have a central role,...

‘A question of survival’: Canada and the Rapacki Plan for the denuclearisation of Central Europe, 1957–59

February 2021

In 1957, Poland proposed the Rapacki Plan for the denuclearisation of Central Europe. While North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members attacked the initiative, Canada viewed it as a means to...

U.S. and Russia agree to extend limits on nuclear arms

February 2021

The U.S. and Russia on Wednesday extended the only remaining treaty that limits the deployment of nuclear weapons. But did the agreement go far enough? Rose Gottemoeller, a distinguished lecturer at...

Should U.S. Missile Defenses Be a Part of Arms Control Negotiations With Russia?

January 2021

The Biden administration should consider whether the benefits to United States and allied security of limiting all nuclear weapons, including non-strategic nuclear arms, would justify accepting some...

Enhancing Strategic Stability: New START and Beyond

January 2021

Arms control offers a tool to enhance U.S. security.

Where Next On Nuclear Arms Control?

January 2021

For nearly five decades, nuclear arms control has been an exclusive enterprise between Washington and Moscow. The resulting agreements have provided significant constraints on the U.S.-Soviet (later...

How a US defense secretary came to support the abolition of nuclear weapons

December 2020

In the issue which marks the start of the 75th year of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, respected strategic thinkers of this era explain where the Bulletin and its readers should focus their...

Remembering history while planning the future of nuclear arms control

December 2020

A conversation on what could and should be done to restore and extend an arms control regime that has deteriorated in the last few years, as the United States and Russia have withdrawn from major...

Science diplomacy: The essential interdisciplinary approach

December 2020

In the issue which marks the start of the 75th year of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, respected strategic thinkers of this era explain where the Bulletin and its readers should focus their...

Unfinished business: Next steps on US-Russia arms control

December 2020

Despite a flurry of diplomatic activity over the late summer and early fall, the United States and Russia have yet to seal a deal on extending the New START treaty limiting their strategic nuclear...

How Should Biden Deal with Moscow? with Rose Gottemoeller and David J. Kramer

December 2020

Rose Gottemoeller and David J. Kramer join Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Jim Townsend to discuss priorities and approaches to the new administration’s diplomacy with Moscow.

Clock is Ticking on New START Extension

December 2020

Rose Gottemoeller, who previously served as NATO’s deputy secretary-general and as U.S. undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, has long been an advocate of a five-year...

Reviving Nuclear Arms Control Under Biden

November 2020

The Biden presidency that begins in January will adopt some very different directions from its predecessor in foreign policy. One such area is arms control, particularly nuclear arms control with...

The looming US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty

November 2020

The Trump administration’s antipathy toward arms control will strike again on November 22, when the United States withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty. That is a mistake.

Hope for Nuclear Arms Control?

October 2020

While concern had grown over the past several weeks about a breakdown in U.S.-Russian arms control, it appears the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and nuclear arms control more broadly may...

US missed 'golden opportunity' by walking out of Hanoi summit with N. Korea: Hecker

October 2020

President Donald Trump missed a "golden" chance to end North Korea's nuclear program by walking out of his Hanoi summit with Kim Jong-un empty-handed when the North Korean leader had,...

The United States Must Avoid a Nuclear Arms Race with China

September 2020

Oriana Skylar Mastro explains why U.S. nuclear policy needs to minimize the role of nuclear weapons in the U.S.-China great power competition and pave the way for arms control.

NATO alliance remains a transatlantic bargain

September 2020

President Trump’s impulsive decision recently to remove 12,000 American troops from Germany — without a serious interagency review or consultation with close allies — is just the latest example of...

Rethinking Nuclear Arms Control

September 2020

Where is nuclear arms control—negotiated restraints on the deadliest weapons of mass destruction—headed? This 50-year tool of US national security policy is currently under attack.

Spinning good news on arms control

September 2020

For months, President Trump has put the brightest possible spin on COVID-19. He insists the virus is under control. He praises his administration’s “incredible” job. He suggests a vaccine will be...

New START: Why An Extension Is In America's National Interest

August 2020

Failing to renew the New START arms control treaty with Russia “is not a wise direction of travel,” said Rose Gottemoeller, a former Deputy Secretary General of NATO who ranked as one of President...

Unattainable Conditions for New START Extension?

June 2020

President Donald Trump’s chief arms control envoy last week acknowledged the possibility that the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) could be extended, but he added, “only under...

On Arms Control, Little Reason for Optimism

May 2020

Officials in Moscow and Beijing will read Mr. Billingslea’s interview and see nothing to give them reason to negotiate.


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