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Lab-to-Lab Cooperation

Senior Fellow Siegfried Hecker was the director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory when the Soviet Union broke apart in 1991.

Regional Conflict and Cooperation

Regional conflicts present their own set of unique challenges to the international community.

Science Seminar Series

The CISAC Science Seminar Series features speakers who present scientific subjects with international security and policy implications.

Nuclear Risk Reduction

The Nuclear Risk Reduction initiative engages technical and policy experts to reduce nuclear risks by promoting collaboration between the United States and Russia, China and Pakistan.

Preventive Defense Project

The Preventive Defense Project (PDP) is a research effort directed by former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry. Preventive Defense is a concept for U.S.


Scott D. Sagan Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science
David Holloway, CISAC David Holloway Senior Fellow Professor, History, Professor, Political Science
Rod Ewing Rodney C. Ewing Senior Fellow Professor of Geological Sciences
Lynn Eden Lynn Eden Affiliate
Neil Narang Affiliate
Eva Uribe Eva C. Uribe Affiliate
Daniel Metlay Daniel Metlay Affiliate
Elliot Serbin Elliot Serbin Research Assistant to Siegfried Hecker