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Armed drones changing conflict faster than anticipated, Stanford scholar finds

March 2018

Could the mere threat of using an armed drone ever coerce an enemy to change their behavior – without attacking them?Yes, says Stanford political scientist Amy Zegart, who argues in a new research...

New Trinkunas book examines the role of armed nonstate actors in local governance

November 2017

The sovereign state is frequently held up as the legitimate source of domestic order and an important provider of public goods in any society, regardless of regime type.

What to make of North Korea’s latest nuclear test?

September 2016

On September 9, 2016, seismic stations around the world picked up the unmistakable signals of another North Korean underground nuclear test in the vicinity of Punggye-ri.

Six questions for U.S. presidential candidates on nuclear policy

September 2016

With nuclear policy an increasingly serious issue in the world today, a Stanford scholar suggests in a newly published paper that the U.S.

A Real War Story, in Drawings

June 2016

Scott Sagan decodes the haunting drawings of a Lakota chief who defeated George Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Stanford military fellow John Chu promoted to colonel in US Army

December 2015

Senior Military Fellow John Chu was promoted to the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army at Stanford last Friday, a position selectively afforded for distinguished service and leadership.

Is Syria considering using chemical weapons? Experts suggest Iraq case could be a policy guide

June 2015

As the risks escalate, the argument presented in Foreign Policy 18 months ago by Stanford scholars Scott Sagan and Ben Buch is particularly timely.

Award-winning authors to discuss writing about war at Stanford Live event

June 2015

Poet Natasha Trethewey and fiction writer Phil Klay will read selections from their works and join Stanford political scientist Scott Sagan in conversation on June 30 at Bing Concert Hall.

CISAC Celebrates Honors Students' Prize-Winning Research

June 2015

As is the tradition, CISAC's Honors Program in International Studies recently awarded three prizes to some of its students.

US-Asia Security Initiative to address geopolitical challenges

June 2015

Stanford University’s Walter H.

Sagan honored with prestigious NAS award

January 2015

Stanford political science professor Scott Sagan, a senior fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, has been...

Understanding conflict is the road to peace

January 2015

The Empirical Studies of Conflict project focuses on the causes and characteristics of politically motivated violence.

Hecker: Don't forget North Korea nukes amid movie flap

January 2015

Senior Fellow Siegfried Hecker writes that amid the flap over the Hollywood satire "The Interview," people often forget that North Korea may possess a nuclear arsenal of 12 nuclear weapons.

The Great Draft Dodge: The All-Volunteer Army

December 2014

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry earlier commanded the U.S.-led coalition forces there, as a three-star U.S. Army general.

Stanford scholars: Lessons learned from the Afghanistan War

May 2013

With the Taliban now open to peace talks, a political end to the war in Afghanistan appears in sight.

Students get dose of reality at refugee camps in Ethiopia

April 2013

Stanford students working on a CISAC-UNHCR collaboration discover their classroom work for a project to improve conditions at refugee camps takes on new meaning as they meet the first refugees in...

Empirical Studies of Conflict Project launches data archive

January 2013

CISAC Senior Research Scholar Joe Felter and colleagues at Princeton and UC San Diego launch an exhaustive research and data archive for the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project.

CISAC Honors graduate wins George J. Mitchell Scholarship

November 2011

Congratulations to Philippe de Koning, recipient of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship.

Hein Goemans: Why do some leaders initiate crises?

August 2011

In a new book, Hein Goemans and co-author Giacomo Chiozza argue that leaders who "anticipate regular removal from office, through elections for example, have little to gain and much to lose from...

Joseph Felter to join CISAC as senior research scholar

July 2011

The Center for International Security and Cooperation is delighted to welcome Dr. Joseph Felter as a Senior Research Scholar.

Scott Sagan: Exploring the music of war and peace

May 2011

CISAC co-director Scott Sagan was a guest host on Stanford radio, KZSU-90.1, and discussed nonproliferation, Iraq, and the soundtrack to war and peace.

Helen Kinsella: How we can protect civilians

May 2011

In a new book, The Image Before the Weapon, former CISAC fellow Helen M. Kinsella explores the evolution of the concept of the civilian and how it has been applied in warfare.

Ethics and War: Why So Many Civilians Are Dying

January 2011

There are more laws and international treaties designed to protect human rights in conflict zones than ever before.

2009-10 CISAC fellows and visiting scholars

October 2009

CISAC is pleased to announce fellows and visitors at the Center during the 2009-10 academic year.


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