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Introduction to Issues in International Security

March 2022

A new video curriculum series is released.

Reducing the nuclear threat: The argument for public safety

December 2009

In this op-ed, CISAC's Richard Rhodes argues that public health, a discipline that organizes science-based systems of surveillance and prevention, has been primarily responsible for controlling the...

Mumbai's Perilous Implications

December 2008

CISAC's Paul Kapur and Sumit Ganguly of Indiana University discuss the importance of probing the sources of the violence in Mumbai, and consider the attacks' implications for regional security in...

Abrams: Presidency too demanding to not have upper age limit for candidates

March 2008

Herbert L. Abrams, CISAC member-in-residence and Stanford professor of radiology, emeritus, looks at the issue of a presidential candidate's age and its effect on decision-making.