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The Super Smart Way to Dismantle ISIS

February 2015

Every week, the Islamic State (ISIS) makes further headlines with its ruthless behavior.

Arsenals of Folly: The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race

October 2007

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, here is the story of the entire postwar superpower arms race, climaxing during the Reagan-Gorbachev decade when the United...

Tend to Turkey

October 2007

In the wake of the Iraq debacle, the United States will occupy a position of greatly diminished stature and leverage among the many allies that stepped forward to offer unqualified support...

Fulfilling the Promise: Building an Enduring Security Partnership Between Ukraine and NATO

January 1999

This report is the result of a workshop held in April 1998, when fifty policy experts, government officials and scholars met in Washington, DC.

NATO Enlargement and an Undivided Europe

May 1997

The author concludes that strategy posited on the unchanging character of the differences that have separated Russia and the West is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Deterrence and Defense: Opportunities for a Future European Defense Policy

March 1997

The renewed American debate over ballistic missile defenses (BMD) echoes loudly in NATO, in Europe, and in France.

False Promise of an Institution: Can Cooperation between OSCE and NATO be a Cure?, The

January 1997

This paper raises the following questions: Can OSCE live up to high expectations for conflict prevention and crisis management? Is it able and equipped to meet this demanding task?

New Dimensions of the International Security System after the Cold War

April 1996

Executive SummaryThis paper considers the emerging structure of the international security system after the end of the Cold War.

Nuclear Weapons Safety After the Cold War: Technical and Organizational Opportunities for Improvement

August 1994

The end of the Cold War creates both new challenges and new opportunities for improving nuclear weapons safety.

Do We Need Arms Control If Peace Breaks Out?

September 1990

The world is facing truly breathtaking changes, in particular from the socialist countries.


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