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Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540

May 15, 2007

On April 28, 2004, the United Nations Security Council, acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, unanimously passed UNSC 1540.

Rethinking the War on Terror: A Counter-Epidemic Approach

February 13, 2007

Over five years since 9/11, the United States is still struggling to define the nature of the terrorist challenge it faces let alone fully comprehend it.

Nuclear Fuel Supply Assurance

January 31, 2006

Michael May is emeritus professor Emeritus (research) in the Stanford University School of Engineering and a senior fellow with FSI.

Proposal for an Energy Security Initiative

May 24, 2005

The Energy Security Initiative (ESI) is a proposal to increase the benefits offered to countries in good standing with their NPT Obligations, to compensate for all the new supply restrictions and...