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Preparation is key to avoiding 'worst-case outcome,' Chertoff says

April 2008

CISAC members Lynn Eden, Martha Crenshaw, and Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar participated in"Germ Warfare, Contagious Disease and the Constitution," a daylong event co-hosted by Stanford Law School....

Censoring science won't make us any safer

June 2005

Recent government efforts to prevent publication of scientific research that might prove helpful to terrorists "may sound reasonable," says CISAC Fellow Laura Donohue, but censoring science is more...

From "cow to consumer," milk supply needs better security, says Wein

May 2005

Milk processing is just as susceptible to terrorism as chemical production, yet the nation's milk supplies are far more vulnerable because many security measures are voluntary, CISAC faculty member...

Eden wins award for book on government's failure to predict nuclear fire damage

August 2004

Whole World on Fire: Organizations, Knowledge and Nuclear Weapons Devastation, by CISAC associate director for research Lynn Eden, received the 2004 Robert K.