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Stanford experts offer insight on China's stock market dive

July 2015

China's tight control over its economy is one reason why it is facing an economic slowdown of global implications, Stanford scholars say.China's stock market fall is now in its third week, and...

Researchers call for policy, aid and innovation to help world’s poorest

April 2012

Bill Gates spoke to a Stanford audience about the importance of foreign aid and product innovation in the fight against chronic hunger, poverty and disease in the developing world.

Honors students explore challenges of policy implementation, assessment in Washington, D.C.

September 2010

In September, honors students from FSI's two undergraduate honors programs - the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) and the Center for International Security and...

Nuclear review shows bipartisanship

April 2010

The release last week of the Obama administration's Nuclear Posture Review brings long overdue attention to the vital issue of U.S. strategic posture.

Counting the walking wounded

January 2009

The American troops in Iraq daily face the risk of death or injury--to themselves or their fellow soldiers--by homemade bombs and suicide attackers.

Ends, Ways, and Means in Iraq: 10 Issues for the Obama Administration

November 2008

CISAC Honors Program alumnus Brian Burton and CISAC Predoctoral Fellow John Paul Schnapper-Casteras detail the top 10 issues President-elect Barack Obama must address.

CISAC physicist returns to Mongolia to bolster nonproliferation

September 2008

CISAC science fellow Undraa Agvaanluvsan faces no small task this summer: She has returned to her native Mongolia to help draft first-time legal and security protocols to ensure that the country's...

Russia rising: The Georgian crisis & U.S. foreign policy

September 2008

David Holloway reports that the ongoing crisis in Georgia has catapulted relations with Russia to a top place on the foreign-policy agenda.

CISAC awards 14 honors certificates in international security studies

June 2007

CISAC awarded honors certificates in international security studies to 14 undergraduates.

FSI announces new Ford Dorsey International Policy Studies program

February 2007

A generous gift from Susan Ford Dorsey has allowed FSI and the School of the Humanities and Sciences to establish the Ford Dorsey International Policy Studies program (Ford Dorsey IPS).

A crude awakening: Five FSI scholars talk to Stanford magazine about energy security

December 2006

Michael May, Michael McFaul, Scott Sagan, David Victor, and John Weyant talk to Stanford magazine for the November/December cover story on energy security.

Thinking inside the box needed to secure borders, write CISAC professor and colleague

December 2005

The president's border security and immigration reform proposals won't protect Americans from the gravest cross-border threat: the possibility that a ship, truck or train will one day import a 40...

Research worth fighting for

April 2005

"Of the Pentagon's $419.3 billion budget request for next year, only about $10.5 billion--2 percent--will go toward basic research, applied research and advanced technology development," write ...

Essay in Pakistan newspaper traces roots of crisis in the Islamic world

July 2004

In an essay published June 25 in The Friday Times (out of Lahore, Pakistan), Thomas W. Simons, Jr.