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Can We Measure Shared Understandings? A Network-Based Approach to the Analysis of Culture

November 7, 2013

ABOUT THE TOPIC: Culture is often understood as a system of "shared understandings." But what does that mean?

New Media, Open Source Analysis & Policy Entrepreneurship

October 10, 2011

New technologies are creating unprecedented opportunities for "open source" analysis on issues relating to arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation.

Money for Nothing: The Politics of Terminating Major Weapons Programs

January 6, 2011

Michael Sulmeyer is currently a pre-doctoral fellow at CISAC and a JD candidate at Stanford Law School, where he co-chairs the Stanford National Security Law Society and is a member of the...

Reliably Detecting Nuclear Weapons in Transit

January 30, 2008

We examine two interrelated questions. How and where do we need to deploy nuclear detection portals in the real world?


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