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Workshop on Protecting and Assuring Critical National Infrastructure: Setting the Research and Policy Agenda

October 1997

The July Workshop on Protecting and Assuring Critical National Infrastructure focused on three specific areas: international and legal issues relating to the control of network misuse and...

Workshop on Protecting and Assuring Critical National Infrastructure

July 1997

In July 1996, President Clinton established the Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection, with a charter to designate critical infrastructures and assess their vulnerabilities, to recommend...

Public and Private Roles in the Protection of Critical Information-Dependent Infrastructure

May 1997

The discussion begins with a conceptual framework for addressing the protection of infrastructure systems subject to attacks on their information subsystems.

Strategic Information Warfare - A New Arena for Arms Control?

October 1996

Information warfare is a relatively new rubric, which is receiving increasing attention within the United States from both the government and the general population.

Building on the Basics: An Examination of High-Performance Computing Export Control Policy in the 1990s

November 1995

This paper reports the results of a study of the special export control regime for high-performance computers.


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