International Development

International Development

FSI researchers consider international development from a variety of angles. They analyze ideas such as how public action and good governance are cornerstones of economic prosperity in Mexico and how investments in high school education will improve China’s economy.

They are looking at novel technological interventions to improve rural livelihoods, like the development implications of solar power-generated crop growing in Northern Benin.

FSI academics also assess which political processes yield better access to public services, particularly in developing countries. With a focus on health care, researchers have studied the political incentives to embrace UNICEF’s child survival efforts and how a well-run anti-alcohol policy in Russia affected mortality rates.

FSI’s work on international development also includes training the next generation of leaders through pre- and post-doctoral fellowships as well as the Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program.

Recent News

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FSI launches Middle East Initiative led by Colin Kahl

April 2018

As a senior policy advisor on the Middle East at the Pentagon and the White House, Colin Kahl has witnessed struggles in the region first-hand.

Listen to CISAC podcasts

November 2017

The Center for International Security and Cooperation now has more than 46 podcasts, dating all the way back to Oct. 19, 2016. Listen to them on the CISAC page on the iTunes website.

Zegart on Trump, U.S. foreign policy

October 2017

Pity the professionals.

Media roundtable focuses on security, defense, democracy

October 2017

Deep policy discussions between journalists and top Stanford scholars highlighted a recent media roundtable at the Hoover Institution.The event drew about 30 members of the national media from a...

Reckless hostility toward Cuba damages America's interests

October 2017

In an escalation of hostilities toward Cuba that is rapidly dismantling the Obama era détente, the Trump administration on Tuesday expelled 15 Cuban diplomats.

Rod Ewing to serve as CISAC co-director

September 2017

Rod Ewing will serve as co-director of the sciences for Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation.Ewing, a mineralogist and materials scientist, is the Frank Stanton Professor in...

Sagan on the 'nuclear necessity' principle

August 2017

In this podcast with the Carnegie Council, CISAC's Scott Sagan says that major changes must be made if U.S.

Scholars Hecht, Edwards join CISAC

July 2017

Renowned scholars Gabrielle Hecht and Paul N.

CISAC fellows: What they're doing next

June 2017

The CISAC Fellowship Program is training and educating the next generation of thought leaders and policy makers in international security.Our fellows spend the academic year engaged in research and...

Congratulations CISAC Honors Class of 2017

June 2017

Congratulations to CISAC honors program Class of 2017!

Japan's shift in the nuclear debate explained

May 2017

Japan is an increasingly divided country between elites and the public as it grapples with whether it should acquire nuclear weapons itself and not rely on America’s protection, a Stanford scholar...

State shaming often ineffective

March 2017

When a state is “shamed” by outsiders for perceived injustices, it often proves counterproductive, resulting in worse behavior and civil rights violations, a Stanford researcher has found.Rochelle...

Insider threats often ignored

March 2017

Whether it’s WikiLeaks and CIA documents or nuclear thieves, the danger from insiders in high-security organizations is escalating in our Internet age.But many threats from within go unrecognized...

Support for international students

February 2017

Stanford University has expressed its views on the recent executive order on immigration, and is offering resources for students who could be affected.

Stories of children in Syria's civil war

February 2017

Syria's civil war has taken a devastating toll on children.Stanford freshman Emma Abdullah puts a young human face on that tragedy with her book, The Blue Box, which details the plights of Syrian...

Perry and Hecker on the Doomsday Clock moving forward

January 2017

Today, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ “doomsday clock” moved 30 seconds forward to 2 and a half minutes to midnight.

Deterrence in space key to U.S. security

January 2017

Space is more important than ever for the security of the United States, but it’s almost like the Wild West in terms of behavior, a top general said today.Air Force Gen.

CISAC encourages U.S.-China dialogue

January 2017

Improving the U.S.-China relationship is a focus at the Center for International Security and Cooperation.CISAC continued this tradition in co-sponsoring the 8th Sino-U.S.

William Perry: Civilization at a crossroads

January 2017

At this naked moment in the American experiment, when many people perceive civilization on the verge of blowing up in some metaphorical sense, there is an elderly man in California hoping to seize...

Former CIA chief: Intelligence system vital to U.S.

January 2017

It's rare to get a brain download from a former CIA chief, both in the classroom and at the lectern.But that will occur at CISAC during Feb.

Legacy of Sidney Drell

December 2016

(Click here for the story from the New York Times)Sidney D.

U.S.-Russia relationship at crossroads

December 2016

While Russia poses one of the biggest foreign policy challenges facing the U.S., an opportunity for rapprochement may exist with the incoming administration, several Stanford scholars said...

Checks on the next president's foreign policy

November 2016

Donald Trump’s stunning win has made many wonder: Just how dangerous could a Trump foreign policy be?


Rod Ewing Rodney C. Ewing Senior Fellow Professor of Geological Sciences
Paul H. Wise Senior Fellow Professor, Pediatrics (CHP/PCOR)
David Relman Senior Fellow Professor, Medicine, Professor, Microbiology and Immunology
Beatriz Magaloni Senior Fellow Associate Professor, Political Science
Herb Lin Herbert Lin Senior Research Scholar
Thomas Fingar Fellow
Barbara van Schewick Associate Professor, Law
Lawrence M. Wein Professor, Management Science
Whitfield Diffie Affiliate
Matthew Daniels Affiliate
David Elliott Affiliate
Anja Manuel Anja Manuel Affiliate