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Stanford experts offer insight on China's stock market dive

July 2015

China's tight control over its economy is one reason why it is facing an economic slowdown of global implications, Stanford scholars say.China's stock market fall is now in its third week, and...

Cybersecurity talk draws business and political leaders to Stanford CISAC

January 2012

Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation brought together lawmakers and Silicon Valley industry leaders to discuss what President Obama has called "one of the most serious...

Kate Marvel and Michael May: What is the future of nuclear energy?

June 2011

In a new paper published by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Kate Marvel and Michael May explore the potentially game-changing events for the future of nuclear energy.

Thomas Isaacs: The future of nuclear

March 2011

As Japan's troubles continue, CISAC's Thomas Isaacs discusses the future of the nuclear industry.

Michael Sulmeyer: The Bob Gates management playbook

January 2011

"Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates’ Jan.

U.S.-China cooperation on global issues crucial

January 2011

China's President Hu Jintao conducted a high-profile visit to the United States in late January 2011, during which he discussed economics, security, and climate change with President Barack Obama....

The ethics of the draft

December 2010

Who should fight? It is no idle question in an era in which thousands of U.S. troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect Americans back home.

Study calls for sheltering-in-place in the event of nuclear attack

September 2010

Stanford University experts, led by CISAC affiliated faculty member Lawrence M.

David Holloway weighs in on U.S.-Russian nuclear treaty slated for signing this week

April 2010

In an interview with Stanford Report, the author of 'Stalin and the Bomb' reviews the steps taken to reduce nuclear weapons and discusses what a new treaty between the United States and Russia...

Martha Crenshaw awarded $500,000 to study terrorist patterns

October 2009

Crenshaw, a senior fellow at FSI's Center for International Security and Cooperation, has received a National Science Foundation grant to identify patterns in the evolution of terrorist...

CISAC announces members of 2009-10 Honors Program

July 2009

CISAC is pleased to announce that 14 seniors have been selected to participate in its Undergraduate Honors Program in International Security Studies.

South Asian security after Mumbai

December 2008

As evidence emerges that the gunmen who caused the carnage in Mumbai were operatives of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, one question reverberates: Was the Pakistani government responsible for...

Lawrence Wein awarded 2008 Frederick W. Lanchester Prize

November 2008

Wein awarded 2008 Lanchester Prize by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

CISAC physicist returns to Mongolia to bolster nonproliferation

September 2008

CISAC science fellow Undraa Agvaanluvsan faces no small task this summer: She has returned to her native Mongolia to help draft first-time legal and security protocols to ensure that the country's...

Award recognizes CISAC scholar's homeland security research

November 2007

CISAC faculty member Lawrence M. Wein, the Paul E.

CISAC awards 14 honors certificates in international security studies

June 2007

CISAC awarded honors certificates in international security studies to 14 undergraduates.

CISAC scholar leads newly endowed, expanded International Policy Studies program

February 2007

Starting next fall, Stanford's 25-year-old International Policy Studies (IPS) master's program will double in length and expand its interdisciplinary scope to train a new generation of graduates...

A crude awakening: Five FSI scholars talk to Stanford magazine about energy security

December 2006

Michael May, Michael McFaul, Scott Sagan, David Victor, and John Weyant talk to Stanford magazine for the November/December cover story on energy security.

NSA misses big picture in phone monitoring, says CISAC fellow

August 2006

One of the National Security Agency's secrets, recently revealed, is that it's monitoring millions of phone calls, in an effort to determine who might be a terrorist.

CISAC scholar computes counter-terror problems

August 2006

It's been said that World War I was the chemists' war and World War II the physicists' war, but that World War III is destined to be the mathematicians' war.

CISAC researcher mines old anthrax release for new data

June 2006

In 1979, anthrax was accidentally released in the city of Sverdlovsk (pop. 1,200,000) in the former Soviet Union, infecting about 80 to 100 people and killing at least 70.


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