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General James M. Holmes meets Stanford students

June 2018

On May 23, Stanford students enrolled in Technology and Security (MS&E 193/293) met with General James M. Holmes.

Deadly Truck Attack on French Riviera a New Twist on an Old Terror Tactic

July 2016

Horrific assault with rental vehicle likely to inspire copycat attacks, strengthen the hand of France’s far-right political parties

New Stanford Class Targets National Security Problems with Silicon Valley-Style Innovation

May 2016

Student teams use “lean launchpad” startup methodology to innovate at speed and find technological solutions for critical challenges facing America’s defense and intelligence agencies.

Brussels Suicide Attacks “Shocking but Not Surprising,” Say Stanford Experts

March 2016

Inner-city neighborhood with links to suspects was known as a base for terrorists to launch attacks across Europe and beyond.

U.S. Senate Report on CIA Torture Flawed on Several Fronts, CISAC Co-Director Says

December 2015

CISAC co-director Amy Zegart says the U.S.

Paris Attacks Reflect ISIS Strategy Change, Stanford Experts Say

November 2015

Stanford terrorism experts say ISIS’ attacks in Paris signal that the terrorist group seeks to expand operations well beyond the borders of Iraq and Syria so it can bring about a global,...

U.S. National Security Faces Challenges from Insider Threats and Organizational Rigidity

September 2015

Insider threats and surprise attacks on American national security are increasing and rooted in organizational inflexibility.

Udall: Privacy is fundamental American right

April 2015

Former U.S. Mark Udall addresses a "Security Conundrum" talk about NSA surveillance programs and warns they violate the fundamental right to privacy in America.

Stuxnet: The world's first cyber weapon

February 2015

The United States has thrust itself and the world into the era of cyber warfare, Kim Zetter, an award-winning cybersecurity journalist for WIRED magazine, told a Stanford audience.

Understanding conflict is the road to peace

January 2015

The Empirical Studies of Conflict project focuses on the causes and characteristics of politically motivated violence.

STRATCOM Commander: Deterrence remains foundation of national security

December 2014

American deterrence, though traditionally centered on the nuclear triad, is becoming ever more integrated and dependent on other technologies in space and the cyber world, Admiral Cecil D.

New project looks at ethics of technology and war

December 2014

FSI Senior Fellow Scott Sagan is the chair of a new project by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, called the New Dilemmas in Ethics, Technology and War.


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