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Three Can Keep a Secret if Two of Them are Dead

February 12, 2018

Abstract: What do some of America’s adversaries think about U.S. scientists, engineers and technical specialists they meet?What is it really like to be an intelligence officer (IO) abroad?

A Conversation with General Michael Hayden

April 27, 2017

About the Event: In conversation with Philip Taubman, General Hayden will discuss intelligence and cybersecurity challenges the United States faces in combatting terrorism, dealing with North Korea...

The continuation of policy by other means: asymmetric warfare via the ballot box

April 18, 2017

About the event: In his talk Toomas Hendrik Ilves will discuss how various digital tools have been used in democracies in Europe and the US in an attempt to disrupt and affect elections outcomes....

Inside the CIA: A Conversation with Michael Morell

January 11, 2017

This event is at maximum capacity. We thank you for your interest and regret that we cannot accept more registrations.- This event is part of the Robert G.

The Digital Dimension

November 21, 2016

Abstract: This presentation is adapted from two book chapters.  The first one published in 2007 is “Transforming U.S.

Global Intelligence Oversight: Governing Security in the Twenty-First Century

August 24, 2016

Abstract: In a world that is increasingly unstable, intelligence services like the American CIA and the United Kingdom's MI6 exist to deliver security.

A View from the National Intelligence Council

April 11, 2016

- Please note that this is a joint CISAC/Science seminar -Join Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC) Greg Treverton for a discussion on the NIC's work and how it connects to U.S....

Deterrence and Arms Control in Cyberspace

March 22, 2016

Abstract: For four years running now, the Director of National Intelligence’s Worldwide Threat Assessment to Congress has led with cyber threats to national and international security.  Under...

Countering Violent Extremism

February 26, 2016

AbstractUnder Secretary Sewall will deliver remarks on Countering Violent Extremism, the U.S.

Security challenges in the new space age

December 7, 2015

Abstract: The years ahead will likely include hundreds of small satellites launched into orbit, more countries operating in space, and continued investment in anti-satellite capabilities by China...

Intelligence in the Cyber Age: (r)Evolution?

December 3, 2015

- This event is offered as a joint sponsorship with the Hoover Institution -  Abstract: Writing on matters relating to the cyber era dominate government and academia alike.  Much of the focus tends...

CANCELLED -- The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Fight Against Terrorism - From al Qa'ida to ISIS

November 17, 2015


Can AI Make AI More Compliant (Semi-Automated Analysis - Ex Ante, In Situ, Ex Post)

October 12, 2015

Abstract: A number of senior Intelligence Community (IC) officials describe compliance as one of the IC’s biggest problems, perhaps the biggest.

Coercion in a Drone World

October 8, 2015

Abstract: TBAAbout the Speaker: Amy Zegart is co-director of CISAC and Professor of Political Science, by courtesy.

Security Conundrum Series: An evening with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

May 29, 2015

The video recording of this event can be watched on YouTube: an age of terrorism, where should a democratic society draw the line...

Bulk Collection of Signal Intelligence: Technical Alternatives

April 20, 2015

Abstract: The first Snowden disclosure was that Verizon was providing daily updates of telephony metadata to the NSA.

The Security Conundrum: An Evening with Senator Mark Udall

April 3, 2015

Due to the large response we have received, registration for this event is for the wait list only.This event will be livestreamed here when the event begins.In an age of terrorism, where should a...

Modern Surveillance

March 19, 2015

Abstract: NSA stands for National Security Agency, but the agency is at odds with itself in its security mission.

The UK Strategic Nuclear Deterrent and the Chevaline Program: An Overview

March 10, 2015

Abstract: Chevaline was the codename given to a highly-secret program begun in 1970 to improve the performance of the UK's force of Polaris submarine-launched ballistic missiles in order to give...

Delegation to the Device: What happens when we deploy quantitative models for complex matters of concern?

November 20, 2014

Abstract: In 2011 I joined a team of global security analysts at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to develop a systematic methodology for “information-driven” safeguards for the...


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