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The unbearable lightness of luck. Three sources of overconfidence in the manageability of nuclear crises

July 2017

Overconfidence in the controllability of nuclear weapons creates danger. The passing of the last elite witness of the most dangerous nuclear crisis, i.e.

European Nuclear Nationalism: the UK and France (book chapter)

December 2015

France and the UK have had different approaches to the possibility of nuclear disarmament; these derive from the different post- Second World War national narratives in which the development of...

Le Rayonnement de la France: énergie nucléaire et identité nationale après la Seconde Guerre mondiale

April 2014

This is a French translation of The Radiance of France, by the same author (MIT Press, 2009)From MIT Press:  "In the aftermath of World War II, as France sought a distinctive role for itself in the...

French nuclear idiosyncrasy: how it affects French nuclear policies towards the United Arab Emirates and Iran

March 2012

Abstract: This article elaborates the notion of ‘nuclear idiosyncrasy’ as a specific understanding of what nuclear weapons and energy are, what they stand for and what they can do.

Consequences of Counterterrorism, The

February 2010

The 9/11 terrorist attacks opened America's eyes to a frightening world of enemies surrounding us.

Fueling the Future: Mongolian Uranium and Nuclear Power Plant Growth in China and India

September 2009

Increased nuclear electricity generation in China and India presents uranium suppliers such as Mongolia with an opportunity to develop its uranium and nuclear industries.

The Radiance of France: Nuclear Power and National Identity after World War II

July 2009

From MIT Press:  "In the aftermath of World War II, as France sought a distinctive role for itself in the modern, postcolonial world, the nation and its leaders enthusiastically embraced large...

Reforming Counterterrorism: Institutions and Organizational Routines in Britain and France

July 2009

This article seeks to explain why two states faced with a similar terrorist threat, perceiving it in a similar way, and drawing the same broad implications for their counterterrorist investigations...

Report: Workshop on Technical Approaches to Support Nuclear Arms Control and Nonproliferation

April 2009

IntroductionThe next decade will bring increased demands for improving the security and accountability of nuclear weapons and material, for reducing nuclear weapons stockpiles, and for...

Reforming Intelligence: Obstacles to Democratic Control and Effectiveness

December 2007

These days, it's rare to pick up a newspaper and not see a story related to intelligence.

Terrorism and North-South Relations

February 2006

Contemporary terrorism is rarely discussed through the lens of North-South relations.

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: History and Current Problems, The

December 2003

Fifty years ago this month, President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his "Atoms for Peace" address to the UN General Assembly.

The Status of Norms against Nuclear Testing

January 1999

Can the current global moratorium on nuclear weapon testing survive the May 1998 tests by India and Pakistan and the refusal of US Senate leaders to permit consideration of the Comprehensive Test...

Deterrence and Defense: Opportunities for a Future European Defense Policy

March 1997

The renewed American debate over ballistic missile defenses (BMD) echoes loudly in NATO, in Europe, and in France.

Decisive Victory and Correct Doctrine: Cults in French Military Thought Before 1914 (A Rereading of Ardant du Picq, Ferdinand Foch, and Loyzeau de Grandmasion)

November 1993

Many critics have discussed French military doctrine in terms of its broad social and political contexts.


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