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Domestic Insecurity in New Democratic Regimes: Sources, Locations, and Institutional Solutions in Benin

November 1996

Given that organized violence within states is currently more widespread and destructive than war among states, many advocate expanding the concept of security to include elements of political and...

Economics and China

February 1989

Employee Ownership in Transition

July 1995

In this paper, we investigate the extent and likely impact of employee ownership on the transition process under way in Central and Eastern Europe.

Ending the Threat of Nuclear Attack

May 1997

Late last year, we noted the tenth anniversary of what was probably the most remarkable of all the meetings between an American president and his Soviet counterpart, the Reykjavik Summit of October...

Fulfilling the Promise: Building an Enduring Security Partnership Between Ukraine and NATO

January 1999

This report is the result of a workshop held in April 1998, when fifty policy experts, government officials and scholars met in Washington, DC.

Caucasus Working Papers: Georgia - The Search for State Security; European Security and Conflict Resolution in the Transcaucasus

December 1997

Georgia--The Search for State Security David Darchiashvili's working paper traces the attempts of the modern Georgian state to deal with issues of national security since independence....

High-Performance Computing, National Security Applications, and Export Control Policy at the Close of the 20th Century

May 1998

If high-performance computing (HPC) export control policy is to be effective, three basic premises must hold: There exist problems of great national security importance that require high...

How Much Ballistic Missile Defense Is Enough?

October 1998

This paper examines how well future U.S. national and theater missile defense systems will have to perform to meet reasonable defense objectives as a function of the level of the threat.

Modeling the Incubation Period of Inhalational Anthrax

July 2008

Ever since the pioneering work of Philip Sartwell, the incubation period distribution for infectious diseases is most often modeled using a lognormal distribution.

Human-Computer Systems in the Military Context

February 1990

For all the time and frustration that humans expend interacting with computers, it is surprising that more attention is not paid to the impact the computers used by armed forces might have on...

Implications of a Comprehensive Test Ban for China's Security Policy

June 1997

This paper focuses on the impact of a comprehensive test ban on China's nuclear program and security policy.

Inadvertent War in Europe: Crisis Simulation

June 1985

This report analyzes a simulation, conducted in the spring of 1984 at Stanford University, of a hypothetical U.S.-Soviet crisis in Germany.  The simulation was organized by the Center for...

Industrial Demilitarization, Privatization, Economic Reform, and Investment in Russia: Analysis and Recommendations

March 1993

Stanford University's Center for International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) started a project on defense conversion in the Soviet Union in early 1990.

Japanese Defense Technology and the FS-X Controversy

July 1988

It is the American view that Japan has been totally dependent on the United States for its national security, and that this favorable condition has enabled the Japanese to dedicate themselves fully...

Loose Nukes: Security Issues on the U.S.-Russian Agenda

March 1997

Risk can be thought of as the product of consequence times probability.

Marching and Rising: The Rituals of Small Differences and Great Violence in Northern Ireland

November 1996

Those studying international peace and security tend to look for the origins of violence in differences, whether among economic interests, ethno-cultural groups, or clashing ideologies.

Maritime Security Mechanisms for the Asian-Pacific Region

February 1994

With the significant changes in the Asian-Pacific security environment in the post-Cold War era, cooperation in the region becomes both attainable and necessary.

Measuring Defense Conversion in Russian Industry

September 1996

The size of the defense industry in Russia has been a primary concern for policymakers and scholars interested in international security and arms control, as well as for students of Russian...

Military Readiness and the Training of China's Sailors

July 1989

This study of the naval-training system grew out of our larger project on the development of China's strategic weapons.

Nationalism, Ethnic Identity and Conflict Management in Russia Today

December 1995

Special report from a conference hosted by Stanford University's Center for International Security and Arms Control on "Nationalism, Ethnic Identity, and Conflict Management in Russia Today" on...

NATO After Madrid: Looking to the Future

March 1999

This report and the conference it is based on are motivated by the sharp debate stemming from NATO's decision at Madrid to invite three new members to join its ranks.

NATO Enlargement and an Undivided Europe

May 1997

The author concludes that strategy posited on the unchanging character of the differences that have separated Russia and the West is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Naval Cooperation in the Pacific: Looking to the Future

February 1993

The purpose of this document is to explore a plan for the application of cooperative naval measures in the Pacific to meet political, economic, and military changes and to serve the interests of...

Need for Systems Analysis in the US Intelligence Community

February 1994

Our national decision makers need intelligence information more than ever because the threats to our national interest are more complicated, more rapidly changing and more globally distributed....


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