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Oriana Skylar Mastro Testifies on Deterring PRC Aggression Toward Taiwan to Congressional Review Commission

February 2021

China may now be able to prevail in cross-strait contingencies even if the United States intervenes in Taiwan’s defense, Chinese security expert Oriana Skylar Mastro tells the U.S.-China Economic and...

Update on Taiwan and China's Troubled Relationship: Oriana Skylar Mastro on NPR

October 2020

"The current threat is that the CCP is running out of patience, and their military is becoming more and more capable. So for the first time in its history, there's the option of taking...

China’s security agenda transcends the South China Sea

June 2016

Internal documents reveal how China’s rivalry with the United States is driving its massive reclamation and construction campaign on disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

FSI scholars offer insight on historic China-Taiwan talks

December 2015

In the wake of the recent historic meeting of the leaders of China and Taiwan, the Stanford News Service asked two of the university's Asia experts about the aftermath of that meeting and its...

FSI names intelligence expert Amy Zegart CISAC co-director

June 2013

Amy Zegart, one of the nation’s leading experts on national security, intelligence and foreign policy and a CISAC faculty member, succeeds Tino Cuéllar as the next co-director.

CISAC honors students take on diverse global challenges

November 2012

This year's 12 CISAC Honors Students -- Stanford seniors intent on careers in public policy or foreign affairs -- represent the best of what the university has to offer: diversity, a passion for...

Eikenberry makes the case for invigorating Taiwan-U.S. relations

May 2012

In an article for Foreign Policy, Karl Eikenberry argues that the drifting Taiwan-U.S. relationship puts the stability of the Asia-Pacific region at risk.

John Lewis on keeping 'the genie in the bottle'

November 2010

With a Republican majority in the U.S.

Reframing the Nuclear Threat

August 2007

What nuclear threats do we face today? America went to war because its leadership believed Iraq had nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

The real nuclear threat is to America's bases

September 2005

The six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons raise public concerns about whether Pyongyang will indeed dismantle its nuclear weapons program or whether it will pursue long-range nuclear...

Beijing tries to read mixed U.S. signals in Korea diplomacy

May 2004

Washington's ambiguous policy on how to address North Korea's nuclear proliferation has stymied Bejing's efforts to orchestrate a negotiated resolution. Op-ed by John W. Lewis.

North Korea's nukes

October 2003

A panel of five foreign policy experts, including CISAC Co-director %people1% and SIIS Senior Fellow %people2%, debated issues of North Korea and nuclear weapons on October 17, 2003 in a discussion...


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