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Right to Withdraw from the NPT: The Views of Two NPT Negotiators, The

January 2005

Do NPT parties like North Korea have a right to withdraw from the NPT for any reason? What does the history of the withdrawal clause suggest?

September 11 and the Need for International Nuclear Agreements

March 2003

What is the impact of the events of September 11 and the subsequent "war on terrorism" on nuclear issues?

Origins of Military Doctrines and Command and Control Systems; and Conclusions: Planning the Unthinkable, The

December 2000

The proliferation of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons is now the single most serious security concern for governments around the world. Peter R. Lavoy, Scott D. Sagan, and James J.

The War in Chechnya: Opportunities Missed, Lessons to be Learned

December 1999

Book description: The basic logic of preventive diplomacy is unassailable.

Nonproliferation Regime under Siege, The

September 1999

The nuclear nonproliferation regime was challenged in 1998 by nuclear-weapon tests in India and Pakistan, by medium-range missile tests in those countries and in Iran and North Korea, by Iraq's...

Rivalries Between Nuclear Power Projectors: Why the Lines Will Be Drawn Again

May 1996

Nuclear war is generally believed to bring risks of destruction out of proportion to any gain that may be secured by the war, or to any loss that may be averted, except perhaps for the loss of...

Strengthening IAEA Safeguards: Lessons from Iraq

April 1993

This paper examines technical and institutional possibilities for improving the ability of the international safeguards regime to prevent or slow the spread of nuclear weapons.

Seeking a Better Strategic Framework in the Asian-Pacific Area

September 1989

Though fairly stable over the past decade, the Asian-Pacific area is entering a fluid stage, heralding important changes.

On Strengthening Security and Developing Cooperation on the Korean Peninsula

September 1988

The Korean Peninsula is one of the areas of acute political instability and conflict in the Asian-Pacific region.